A Mouse that Vibrates? – SteelSeries Rival 700

Woah… vibration motors built into a mouse… what is next?

The Rival 700 has many cool features which justifies its high price. The OLED display is a cool feature in the front-left area of the mouse. The OLED display can show little drawings the user can make in the software. It can also display headshots, health, ammo and various other things in CSGO. Furthermore, this functionality is extended to DOTA 2 and Minecraft. For many CSGO players, this feature feels like a gimmick as most will have their eyes looking at the screen. Another cool feature is tactile alerts. Users should not think of this as a gimmick because it does not take away your eyes or concentration. This feature is rather similar to console controllers, but it requires the user to set it up in the software.

The tactile alert is a positive feature but feels like a let down since its only compatible in three games just like the OLED display. It’s capable of alerting the user when his health drops, the gun is low on ammo and when he gets a kill. This improves the user’s concentration as he does not have to shift his eyes towards the UI but instead now on the crosshair.

This mouse is very modular. Users can customize the backplate with a glossy or non-sweat plate. The sensor can be swapped out with a laser optical sensor, but the default sensor is already one of the best.

Left, right and middle clicks feel wonderful. The mouse wheel detects everything even if the user is scrolling like a madman. It has DPI buttons on the side but only has two DPI settings.

Overall, this mouse is wonderful. If SteelSeries can drop the OLED display so customers can pay less, it will be definitely better.

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