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Does anyone remember project tango? Google’s augmented reality platform? Well, Google has announced a new ar platform called ARCore. Just to clarify, ARcore doesn’t need special cameras or sensors to work like Tango did. ARCore doesn’t need anything except your phone. ARcore delivers 3 features for augmented reality, motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. In Google’s ARCore intro video, you can interact with AR object by resizing them and placing them on tables. You can have the AR object, like the cowardly lion, react to the lights being turned off. ARcore works with java/opengl, unreal and Unity engines. Google says that ARCore can be used by devs on the pixel or galaxy s8 as long as its running nougat 7.0 and up. Google hopes to have ARCore run on more Android devices.


Intel has announced some new workstation processors aimed at professional applications called the Xeon W and Purley Workstation processors. These new chips were created to help satisfy the needs of financial trading, cad, rendering and even AI analytics and 3d VR content creation.  The Xeon W series are said to feature turbo boosts of up to 4.5ghz and up to 18 hyperthreaded cores. Meanwhile, the expert Purley workstation CPUs feature 4.2ghz turbo boosts and up to 56 cores and 112 thread on a single platform. Some reports are speculating that the 18 core Xeon W is headed for the next iMac pro but we will probably find out sometime in September.


Dell is stepping into the mixed reality headset game with their own headset called the Dell Visor. This is Dell’s first headset for Microsoft’s windows mixed reality platform. Sources say that the headset itself does have cameras on the front that could allow for both AR and VR experiences. The headset has a resolution per eye of 1440 by 1440 with a 90hz refresh rate. The headset is apparently coated with an anti stain coating so that it can be kept clean. The Dell visor also has optional controllers that offer 6 degrees of freedom of movement, thumbsticks trackpads and buttons, and triggers. The Dell visor will be available this October for $349.99 or bundled with the controllers for $449.99.


It’s time for  bem bem bem bem lightning round.


The Amazon echo devices have been updated to be able to do multi room audio with the help of the Alexa App.


Nintendo will be shutting down its miiverse on November 8th 2017.


Elon musk has confirmed that the tunnels made by his boring company, does indeed fit cars.


Looks like keyboard and mouse support has come to a few Xbox insiders as they report being able to use keyboard and mouse in the Minecraft beta.


Speaking of keyboards and mice, Coolermaster has a new budget friend keyboard mouse combo called the master set ms120 and the keyboard apparently offers a mix between membrane AND mechanical switches called mem-chanical switches. Mmmm interesting.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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