Google breaks the Internet in Japan


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Gooogleee!! What are you doing, man!? Guys, Google broke the internet…which I know is a term you use to describe a viral thing – this is not that. Google actually shut down the Internet in the entire country of Japan. Ya see, Google screwed up a Border Gateway Protocol and mistakenly used IP addresses that actually belonged to Japanese service providers. So, traffic that was meant for Japan was sent towards Google by ISPs like Verizon. Google is not an ISP and doesn’t route traffic, so that information was sent nowhere, thus cutting out the Internet altogether. Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry even got involved, but Google admitted it was their fault. “We set wrong information for the network, and as a result, problems occurred,” a spokesperson said, straightforwardly. It was fixed within 8 minutes, but slowed down the Internet for the rest of the day on Friday and had a major effect on finance, online trading, and transportation. Ya…I mean, these things happen. But it’s probably less of a big deal if say, it happened in Idaho or something….or say the Arctic, in Canada here. So, Google next time you do this, Idaho or the Arctic- those are the places to go. You’re gonna be all right.


Fitbit has a smartwatch; they’re very first smartwatch, in fact. And it’s called Ionic. The Ionic? Fitbit Ionic. Anyways, people are saying that it’s actually pretty good. I don’t know if people are still into watch smartwatches or if they’re dying and no one cares, but the concensus is that it’s right up there with the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices – and it sticks to its fitness roots. It has an optical heart-rate monitor, GPS, NFC chip, an SpO2 sensor, and 2.5GB storage. This SpO2 monitor tracks the amount of oxygen in the blood, which could alert the user of things like sleep apnea, which is kind of interesting. NFC will help with contactless payments, which you can do with Fitbit Pay. You get 10 hours of battery life with thing and it’s $299 US. And it looks cool. The display is really nice….See, I like idea of a smartwatch, but I probably wouldn’t buy one for $300. Maybe, if it had like a holographic display- let me know.


And now, another thing that may be going out of style: VR. In a few months, Microsoft’s first Windows Mixed Reality headset will be going public with Acer VR headset – and today, they’ve announced a partnership with Steam VR that will bring games to Windows headsets. Engadget tried the $299 Acer headset with the Windows Mixed Reality controllers, playing games from the Steam store and they were surprised at how the experience resembled that of the Vive and Oculus, with little setup required – but is Windows too late to the party? Where is this VR thing going? Playstation VR is trying to keep us intrigued as well, saying they’ve got bigger and better things planned. But on Friday, sources were saying that HTC wants sell-off the Vive and maybe even the whole company. Are they looking for a way out? This actually caught the attention of Palmer Luckey. And even though, it’s easy to called Palmer Luckey a dork and perhaps even an idiot, people seemed to be more into VR when he was around. That’s it.


It’s time for Shorter News Stories said more Quickly than the Others


Xbox One X is coming and Xbox One S is doing well, so Microsoft is going to stop selling the original Xbone in the coming months. So, if for whatever reason, you want one of those, then now’s the time.


An unfinished product page on the Target website accidentally leaked, showing only the words, “Bethesda: Game of Thrones.” This led people to believe that Bethesda may be developing a Game of Thrones game, but updated sources indicate that Target pages can easily be spoofed, so if you’re excited about this, just control yourself.


The new Dell XPS 13 starts at $800 and gets Intel’s 8th generation Core i7 or i5 CPUs with four cores and 8 threads. It’s available September 12th.


Also, on September 12th, Apple is supposedly launching the next iPhone, you know, if you care about that shit.


And the Destiny 2 early access beta launched today on PC, but there have been a few errors that Bungie is calling Saxaphone and Chive. No idea why they’re calling that, but we’re actually doing a livestream and playing the game today, which probably already happened by the time you see this video. But hopefully that doesn’t happen or hopefully it didn’t happen we do or when we did the livestream…


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.





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