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Starting things off in the world of tech news, we turn to Google Drive. Google announced a new version of their Google Drive desktop client back in March called Backup and Sync. Well, they actually accidentally released it March and it didn’t work at all. But now the new app will be available for download on Windows and Macs starting June 28th and hopefully, it works this time. Backup and Sync lets Google monitor and backup files inside any folder you choose rather than just in the Drive folder, so that includes your desktop, entire documents folder, and other locations like that. Backup and Sync will replace both the standard Drive app as well as the Google Photos Backup app. The enterprise-focused tool, Drive File Stream, will launch later, but the consumer peoplez can make the switch starting June 28th, as I mentioned before.


At E3, Razer has announced its latest model of its smallest laptop, the Blade Stealth. Razer’s going real professional with this one. It’s gunmetal gray and there’s no more glowing Razer logo. The rainbow backlit keys are also replaced by a regular, ol’ white ones. Razer was just worried that you were looking a little too nerdy in public, ya know? Gotta settle down a bit. The Blade Stealth has two screen configurations, a full 4K 12-inch panel, and a 3200 x1800, 13.3-inch display. They’ve also upped the RAM to 16GB as standard. The latter model has a 256GB option for $1400 and 1 TB version for $2000. The 12-inch 512GB model is $1600 and 1TB is 2000 as well. All the models have a Core i7 7500 U CPU clocked at 2.7GHz and integrated Intel HD Graphics 620.


And FireFox has unveiled Firefox 54, going multiprocess across all tabs. This has been the goal of a project begun 8 years ago, codenamed Electrolysis. Multiple Process tech means that one tab running heavy, complex websites will have less of an impact on other open tabs. Chrome and Safari have been able to do this for a while, with Firefox only got a 64-bit Windows version in 2015. Firefox claims that this new version will run better on computers with limited memory than Chrome can. It was in 2011 when Chrome passed Firefox in popularity, maybe it’s Firefox’s time to back the throne…probably not though. I mean, just being realistic.


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The newest thing about Galaxy Note 8 is the suggestion that it will launch at IFA in September, silencing the rumours of an August release. But in whatever case, I remain positive that the phone will in fact launch at some point in the future.


Speaking of phone leaks, new OnePlus 5 images confirm a 3.5mm headphone jack, rear-facing dual camera, and a physical home button, as well as a USB-C port. The official unveiling of the OnePlus 5 will be next week on June 20th.


I believe we’ve talked about VR-Zone in Tokyo, a VR arcade. Well, that arcade actually opened up today and will include games like Dragon Ball and Mario Kart, which would be lots of fun.


With the whole Wannacrypt madness, Microsoft had a patch for Windows XP due to huge vulnerabilities. Well, they have another patch because it appears they didn’t get all the patches patched from the first patch. Ya know. So, in other words, you should just upgrade from Windows XP if that’s what you’re using. I think it’s time.


A judge in Ohio has been ordering DUI drivers to download ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft and making them enter their credit card information. So, if they find themselves in another intoxicated state, they can be less stupid and easily schedule a ride. Smart judge.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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