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Guys… I’ve…got a confession to make. I – we, here at NCIX Tech Tips… we actually do, have legs. You only see us from the waist up, so I could understand your confusion, but nope, look – that’s it. So. Now that we’ve cleared that up. Let’s do some tech news


I think most of us can say we wanted Google Fiber to be really successful, so we could all eventually partake in the glorious gigabit future, but apparently, the program isn’t doing so hot. According to a report from the Information, Alphabet CEO Larry Page cut the size of the Google Fiber team in half, partially because Fiber hasn’t reached the 5 million customers they aimed for within 5 years. The service launched in 2010, and by the end of 2014, it only had a paltry 200 thousand subscribers. Now, Fiber did just go live in Salt Lake City a couple days ago, but Google has delayed plans to launch in other cities, as its reportedly considering switching to a wireless model, rather than laying cables. Uh, Google… there’s no Fiber in… the air, you can’t just…call it wireless Fiber. Maybe if you throw some All-bran up there, I dono.


Earlier this week, information about the next PCIe standard, 4.0, circulated among tech websites, mainly fueled by a report from Tom’s Hardware. That report claimed PCIe 4.0 would support up to 300 watts of power through the actual slot, which led to a slew of articles about how next-gen graphics cards would all be powered only from the slot, no additional power connectors required, hip hip huzzah! Well, turns out that was too good to be true, as Tom’s Hardware kind of mis-interpreted the data. PCIe 4.0 cards may draw more than 300W total, but the power provided by the slot itself will remain at 75 watts, the same as current-gen PCIe. So. the future got a little less exciting. But we’d all rather live in the real world instead a made up one, right? HEEEH


And a few salty Macbook users are fed up with having to watch Windows laptops get all the cool external GPUs, so they’ve started a Kickstarter for their own model. The Wolfe, with an “e”, because that’s rustic, is a fancy looking Thunderbolt 3 dock for a GTX 950, or a 970 if you get the “Pro” model, although its makers are looking at adding the GTX 1060 after the Kickstarter ends. The developers, who call themselves the Wolfepack, of course, say the Wolfe enables high performance applications, games, and even VR on Macbooks if you’ve got Boot Camp. Now, Windows laptops have a bunch of options now when it comes to external GPUs, but if you like ye olde Wolfe, it works with Windows too, so. We’re still better.


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Microsoft has cancelled Halo Online, their PC-only free-to-play experiment. The game was technically only available in Russia, but many internet folk managed to play it in other places anyway. The servers actually went offline last December, but players were waiting to hear whether it would return. Well it won’t. So.

Justin Roiland, the co-creator and voice talent behind Rick and Morty, just founded a VR game studio, with an appropriately weirdo name: Squanchtendo Games. Mm.. ya, makes sense.

Ubisoft is delaying the next couple expansions for the Division in order to focus its energy on fixing bugs and game balance issues. Are people playing the Division? I might as well be talking about No Man’s Sky – eeeyoooo!!!!

Today Thermaltake launched the Core G3 Slim ATX PC case, which is another smallish model that supports full size ATX boards.

And owners of iOS devices will want to update their OS version, as apparently, links being sent through text messages are being used by hackers to inject malware. Those hackers, ooooh they’ll get ya.

News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.


Nebeprisikiškiakopūstlapeliaudavome – but when i googled this, it corrected it to this –

nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaudavome, which to me… sounds much more proper.


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