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Earlier this month there were rumours about how Amazon might get into the prepared meal kit service sector and it turns out the rumours are true. Much like Plated or Blue Apron, where they send you ingredients and you put the dish together yourself, Amazon is currently testing their own kits called Amazon Meal kits. Seattle Resident Josh Chadd, who is an Amazonfresh customer said that some meal kit options had appeared on the website for him about a week or two ago. Josh said he ordered a pre portioned Steak au poivre meal box and it shipped with prepared ingredients and an easy to follow the recipe. There are approximately 17 different recipes and they range in price from 14.99 to 18.99, which isn’t bad if you like to cook. For me, I’ll stick with takeout.  


Evan Blass aka evleaks has posted renders of the Nokia 8, the next flagship phone from HMD. The tweets show both a device in blue and in silver with a Zeiss dual camera setup on the back. Accordingly to sources, specs for the Nokia 8 include a 5.3 or 5.5 inches 2560 by 1440 display, SnapDragon 835, 4 or 6 gigs of ram, android 7.1.1, 13mp rear cameras, 12 mp front cam, dual speakers and a fingerprint sensor.The Nokia 8 is expected to be announced at the end of this month but no concrete news yet. What do you guys think about the Nokia 8 so far? Is it compelling enough to buy over a Samsung Galaxy device or Apple iPhone? Let us know down below.


Google Glass is back… well, kind of.Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced today that they’re bringing back the google glass, this time as an enterprise product. The company now plans to target manufacturing and healthcare with the latest version of the wearable now called Glass enterprise edition. In a statement, alphabet says that “based on positive feedback we’ve received from customers in a special program we’ve been running for the past two years, we’re now making Glass Enterprise editions available to more businesses through our network of partners” The new google glass features an improved 8mp camera, longer battery life, faster wifi and a more modern processor.. Sources say that all the electronics that make up Glass are now stored in a component called the Glass Pod. The glass pod is modular and can be freely detached and reattached to any pair of glasses, whether they are safety glasses or prescription.


It’s time for bem bem bem bem bem lightning round.


It’s official, Doomfist will be leaving the public test realm and be a fully playable character starting next week on the 27th of July.


WhatsApp may be testing a new feature that once you tap on a YouTube link, the video will show up on your screen in a small window placed on top of the conversation, instead of taking you to the youtube word on when this feature will be released.


Panasonic announced an affordable smartphone called the p55 Max and it has a 5000 mah battery. Go luck on having that not Explode.


The saga of OnePlus 5 bugs continues. This time, one plus 5 phones are apparently rebooting after you call 911 or not being able to dial 911 without rebooting… A reddit user noticed the glitch after trying to report a building fire in Seattle. Oneplus is looking into this.


LA based startup, MIRA, announced Prism, a $99 augmented reality headset powered by the iPhone.the headset will ship to devs this fall and hopes are that consumers will receive it this holiday season. That’s a HUGE visor lens thing tho…


Samsung announced that it is increasing the production volume of its 8-gigabyte High Bandwidth Memory-2 to meet growing market needs across a wide range of applications including artificial intelligence, advanced graphics, enterprise servers. And more.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.



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