Google I/O 2016 Keynote Recap and more!

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Today’s big stories are coming from Google’s I/O 2016 event. Let’s get started.


First up is Google assistant. Its basically a big upgrade for Google now. Next up Google revealed Google Home. It’s a home speaker with Google assistant built in. You can enjoy music, manage everyday tasks, set timers and home systems like Nest. And in the hopefully near future, you’ll be able to order dinner or send flowers to a loved one. No pricing for the google home, but the Amazon Echo should start shaking in its boots.


Up next was Google’s new sm


art messaging app, Allo. Allo has smart reply options to not only text but can do image replies as well. Allo also allows for users to express themselves further with whisper shout, allowing the font size to be changed on the fly by dragging the send button up or down. And Allo will support built in games you can play with the people you message. For video calls, there’s Duo. it works on both android and iOS. You can also see a livestream of the video caller before you even pick up with the knock knock feature. Both allo and duo are coming this summer.


Android N was next on the docket. They still haven’t figured out a name for N and are asking for suggestions from people. There are 250 new features in Android N for improving performance, security and productivity. Features like faster app installs, multi windows modes, quick switching and even direct replies from the notification bar. Android N will be available this summer. There was also android wear 2.0, where the big news was you could now do things like launch spotify without having your phone on you, just your wearable. We also saw the introduction of Android instant apps, where you could use apps through the google search without having to install said app.


But the juiciest news was Android VR. Google announced their Daydream VR platform. Android N will have a VR mode to support daydream. Daydream offers low latency, we’re talking under 20 milliseconds. There wasn’t physical hardware shown during the keynote, but they had reference designs for the headset and also showed off the controller in a couple of slides. Google already has partners like Asus, Samsung,LG Huawei and others lined up to offer  Android VR ready devices will be out this fall.


Okay. Thats enough from the Googs. Onto  shorter news stories said more quickly than the others.


Microsoft announced today that they would be selling Nokia to Foxconn for $350 million.


Model S and Model X car owners will be receiving an update to Summon mode that will has the driver confirm the path that vehicle will take to either park, or have the car come to them autonomously.


Lian Li has stepped out from their comfort zone of making just aluminum towers.. The company now has a lineup of steel PC cases called Ebonsteel.


Nvidia now has their landing page up for the GTX 1070. But early slides were shown with a $379 MSRP, $449 founders edition and a release date of June 10th.


And finally, a smartwatch that is also a projector, called the Cast One, from Chinese company A-su, is now available for roughly $460.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.

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