GoPro Omni, 3 Surface Phones, Non-Nexus Android N Preview

GoPro showed off their new camera rig for VR. Its the GoPro Omni. As you can see from these pictures that the Omni is a cube that holds 6 gopros. No word on the pricing just yet on the Omni, but even if you did want to buy it, you would need roughly $3,000 for the cameras alone for the hero4 blacks. Hopefully we’ll learn more once GoPro debuts the Omni at the Nab Show later this month.

There are rumours floating around about the surface phone from Microsoft. Apparently sources say that Microsoft has plans for not one, not two, but three surface phones as flagships. But it’s still quite a ways away since they’re saying it won’t be until sometime in 2017. And since these are only rumours, there aren’t any real pictures, but some of the concept renders out there look pretty decent. What do you guys think of the surface phone? Will the OS be enough to pull people away from Android or iOS? Leave a comment down below.

Speaking of Android, a user on reddit named FUNExtreme found something very interesting. While digging around in the html code of the android developers website, funextreme noticed a line that said the preview for Android beta program would see more supported devices including OEM partners. This means that it won’t just be Nexus devices that will get a chance to preview android N. The code also suggested that the Android N preview would be available with over the air updating so that devices won’t need to be flashed in order to get it working.


It’s time for snippy snippets!

Reddit finally has launched their official android and ios app today.

Samsung has invented a contact lens that takes photos. Who knows if or when this will come out, but apparently Samsung already trademarked  “Gear Blink”  

One of the new features in the windows 10 insider preview build is a dark mode.

Lian Li has announced the PC-J60. It’s a new chassis from a completely new series. Expect the PC J60 some time this month.

The attack on titan game which was originally released only in Japan will arrive  this summer to America for PC and next gen consoles.