GTX 1060 vs RX 480 – Which one should you choose?

Which one would you choose? Both fall in the perfect price segment with fantastic performance. Would it be GTX 1060 or the RX480?The 1060 Founder’s Edition will start at $299 USD while custom cards will start at $249.

The 1060 Founder’s Edition will start at $299 USD while custom cards will start at $249. This is a massive step up from the GTX 960. For specifications, it has 1280 CUDA cores, 80 texture units, 48 ROPS and a base clock of 1506MHz boosting up to 1708MHz. This obviously has the Pascal architecture but sadly doesn’t have GGR5X like the 1080 but has 6GB of memory. It has a memory bandwidth of 192GB per second and a TDP of 120 watts. IO ports on this are three displayports, one HDMI port and a DVI port. Nvidia has removed SLI support for this card which is a disappointment as DirectX12 is becoming more popular.

The Radeon RX 480 4GB variant starts at $199 while the 8GB variant starts at $239. The similar specs between the variants are that they both have a base clock of 1120MHz which boosts up to 1266MHz and 2304 STREAM processors. Other similar features are 32 ROPS, 256-Bit memory bus and a TDP of 150 watts which AMD has corrected with a firmware update. Differences are obviously the amount of memory and memory speed. For IO ports, this has three displayports and only one HDMI port. This has crossfire support put with all multiple GPU setups, scaling is not 100%.

With testing, the 1060 has a lower temperature of 71 degrees celsius while the 480 has a temperature of 83 degrees. For acoustics, the GTX 1060 has about 5 decibels less than the RX 480. For FPS testing, the 1060 generally performs better in most games as they are optimized for Nvidia GPUs.

Overall, the GTX 1060 is a nice GPU especially since the RX 480 is in such low supply. Nice job Nvidia!

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