GTX 1080: only 2-card SLI? VR content in Chrome, Gboard iOS keyboard

OH! What’s that? You weren’t expecting to see me? Well, life’s like that sometimes. It’s how you deal with those little surprises that makes aaaall the difference. There’s your life lesson for the day. On to the tech news!


Super super rich people might want to hold off on buying 3 or 4 GTX 1080s: word on the street is that Nvidia’s new flagship only officially supports two-card SLI. That information was confirmed by an EVGA employee on the company’s forums after Elric from Tech of Tomorrow posted a video about it. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t install multiple cards in one system and run them, it just means if you do, you’re on your own, Nvidia won’t be optimizing drivers for multiple card SLI setups. On one hand, this makes perfect sense, given that the benefits of SLI decrease significantly in 3 or 4-card setups, but on the other hand, what about those super rich people we were talking about?? Those poor, poor, really rich poor people.


360 degree, VR-compatible videos have been becoming more popular on the web, but Google wants to make full-on VR experiences available in Chrome. The browser’s dev team have been working on adding support for framerates of up to 90 fps, to make compelling VR experiences possible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Chrome, together with the WebVR platform, even supports full room-scale and motion controller tracking with the Vive. Looks like soon, we’ll all just be putting on VR headsets to browse the web. (Smiling) It’s the beginning of the end.


That’s actually it for our big stories today, so time for an extra-long LIGHTNING ROUND!

Google has launched a special keyboard app called “Gboard” that integrates google search so you don’t have to switch apps – problem is, it’s only on iOS! Psh! Way to look after your fam, GOOGLE!


Amazon Echo better watch its back, as Google is working on a rival device to host its Google Now technology, code-named “Chirp”. We’ll probably see the device launch sometime this year.

But if you’re not interested in buying a separate device for that, Roger is an app that supports Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, so you can basically use your phone as an Echo. Makes sense.


Windows 10 is removing the ability to share your WiFi passwords with your contacts, because no one was using it, probably because that wasn’t really a super great idea in the first place.


Nexus owners like Barret can now download over-the-air updates for new Android versions, without wiping their phone or doing lame nerdy computer stuff. It says Blegh. But i sometime like doing lame nerdy computer stuff


Canon has released a new lens for its EOS M line of cameras with really great specs, but the most interesting bit is an integrated ring flash surrounding the actual glass.

The “Dodo” Glass V1 is a VR headset out of China that … actually just looks like a pair of sunglasses. So you can be floating through another dimension and NO ONE WILL EVEN KNOW.


LG has thrown their hat in the action camera ring with the LG Action Cam LTE, which is waterproof and can natively stream HD video straight to Youtube. The name could use a little pizazz tho

And there’s another electric vehicle company out there focussing on more powerful machines like a semi-truck and a 4×4. Unfortunately, they had some trouble in the naming department and decided to call themselves Nikola Motor Company. After. Nikola Tesla. I guess it TECHNICALLY wasn’t taken.


News sources for all of today’s stories can be found in the forum post linked in the description.



Pasta al gallo. Now i want food.


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