GTX 1080 TI @ 3GHz

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Hi there, Joshua, what seems to be the problem?

I don’t know. I’ve just been feeling weird lately.

Weird how?

I don’t know. I just feel like there’s been something missing in my life.

Oh…right! Well, that’s easy. You’ve been missing Tech News. Lucky for you, we’re doing the tech news right now.

What do you mean?

The Tech News. We’re on a show right now called Netlinked Daily. Lots of people are watching.

Whaattt??? What are you talking about?

Sssssshh….the show’s about to start!


If you’re an Android phone owner, do you find yourself waiting time and time again for new updates to arrive MONTHS after the cool, new phones get theirs? Since the developer preview of Android O just came out, this is pretty relevant and Google is actually working with phone manufacturers like to speed up the delivery of new updates. In 2016, only half of the 1.4 billion Android users received updates, leaving the other half vulnerable to vicious attacks. I mean, I don’t know how vicious they are. They could be, but some are maybe just regular. Anways. Google told TechCrunch that things are changing real soon though, and that 2017 will bring the usual 6-9 month wait for phones that aren’t Pixel or Nexus will get down to a few days. So, bright days are coming for Android users and it may soon be NORMAL to get an update around the time they’re announced.


And the Nintendo Joycon controllers. There’s been lots of talk about them not working so well. And a few weeks ago, hackers found a way to improve connectivity to the switch console by soldering a wire to the joy-con’s Bluetooth chip. Well, it appears that there is a less hacky way to improve connectivity and it involves just a piece of foam. A writer at CNET reports that he sent in the left joycon controller to Nintendo to be replaced and when receiving it back, he opened it and noticed that a black piece of foam, covering the bluetooth antenna, was the only change made. They reckon that it is a piece of metal-coated conductive foam, which would help minimize interference from outside sources. The writer says that when the foam is removed, the controller no longer works, so never doubt what a little piece of foam can do for you, people! Nintendo responded to Arstechnica though, saying that there was a small fix required for Joycon controllers, and that moving forward, there should no longer be any connectivity problems. So, maybe this will be the last time we talk about the controllers. It’s been a wild ride…but there’s always room for mistakes.


This overclocker guy Kingpin really thinks he’s a…kingpin! A few weeks ago, EVGA overclocker kingpin overclocked the GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition  to over 2.5GHz, beating the Titan X, but now he’s even beaten that! With the help of liquid nitrogen cooling, Kingpin, that son of a bitch, overclocked the 1080Ti to 3.024 GHz! Kingpin did some custom modding on the PCB to bypass voltage locks and the LN2 cooling helped regulate the temperatures. This also stands as the GPU frequency record as the GTX 1060 was overclocked to 3012MHz, 12 less megahertz less than the 1080Ti, if my math is correct…but math was my worst subject in school, so it’s hard to say. But the 1080Ti did overclock higher than the 1060,  and you can take that to the bank.


Mass Effect Andromeda came out and the game itself is getting decent reviews, but the animation, namely characters faces and their facial expressions, has been ripped apart by the entire internet. So, Bioware’s lead designer has responded on Twitter saying that the game is looking at patches for these issues in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the comedy. This is great.


In the latest Galaxy S8 leaks, we get some look at screen resolution. You can change from HD +, 1480x 720, FHD+ 2220 x 1080, and WQHD+, the default resolution of 2960 x 1440. There’s also a leak of the retail packaging where you can see that the S8+ has a 64GB storage option. There’s ALSO European pricing, with the S8 starting at 799 euros and the s8+ at 899. The official unveiling is exactly one week from now.


Speaking of Europe, Asus figures people are looking for motherboard upgrades to go along with their GTX 1080Ti or Kaby Lake CPUs, so if you buy certain ASUS motherboards and GPUs you can get cashback. If you are a European person, click the links below to get a full list of motherboards and GPUs.


Netflix has launched support for Firefox on Linux straight up. You don’t need a plugin or anything. Watch straight from the website. Rock on.


And Facebook Live has been launched on desktop, positioning itself as competition to Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Will it really be competition though? Let us know, will you use Facebook Live or watch others on Facebook Live streaming dem games?


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



“pukari pukari fuwawa fuwa-fuwa fuwa-wa fuwa-wa fuwa-fuwa fuwa-fuwa”


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