GTX 980 in a Mini PC? Bravo Zotac!

To see a GTX 980 in a Gaming PC is common. However, if a Mini PC comes with a GTX 980, it is worth looking at.

Zotac recently made your dream came true: a Mini PC that is powerful enough to handle any game at 1080P resolution.


The magnificent Magnus EN980 will be the smallest VR-ready computer on the market. Thanks to the latest Intel i5 skylake processor and GTX 980 graphics card. Zotac’s latest mini powerhouse fulfilled the requirements for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

However, there are a few things kept unknown yet. There is no information on the RAM, Storage and OS yet; thus we do not know if this will be a bare-bone or a full PC. Also, there is no information on pricing and release date at this moment.