Hyperthreaded Kaby Lake Pentiums, Army Drone Swarms, Ethical AI

Hey, guys. It’s me again. Barret. I probably look a lot more disheveled since the last time I hosted. Still haven’t quite recovered from CES. But the good news is, I’m beginning to resemble Obi-Wan again. Anyways,  let’s get that tech news.


As we’ve seen, the high-end Kaby Lake CPUs won’t be worth the upgrade for a lot of people running Skylake. But for those running lower end CPUs, looks like the rest of the Kaby Lake desktop lineup is pretty tantalizing. Intel has listed its Kaby Lake Pentium chips on its ARK product site, and at least five of them support hyperthreading. The Pentium G4560, 4560T, 4600, 4600T, and 4620 have 2 cores and 4 threads. These chips will still have disadvantages compared to Core brand chips; lower clock speeds, less cache, and no support for the AVX2 instruction set, which is useful for video and content creation. But they’re all under 100 bucks, with the cheapest coming in at 64 bucks US. So budget gamers can take advantage of a “quad-core” CPU, and no one has to know it’s really “dual-core”! “How DOES he do it!?” They’ll say. And you know what? Let ‘em wonder. (cheesy smile)


The US military has released a pretty cool and slightly terrifying video of their new drone swarm in action. The bots used were Perdix fixed-wing drones, which were licensed by the military after they were designed by MIT students in 2013. They’re about a foot across, and aren’t actually autonomous themselves – they share one distributed brain for decision-making, so they can adapt to drones leaving or entering the swarm. The military says the Perdix drones will be used to conduct surveillance, in lieu of one larger drone. Because wouldn’t you rather be surveilled by an all-encompassing swarm of drones controlled by a hive-mind, instead of just one? I know I would. Haha. The future is bright.


See, here’s something that kind of takes a bit of the sting off a story about swarms of – potentially – killer robots: the founders of eBay and LinkedIn are investing 20 million dollars into the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund – it’s intended to kickstart development of AI that considers ethics and morals, rather than simple cold logic. It’s something that more people in the tech industry are starting to think about, including Elon Musk, now that AI is progressing as fast as it is. Yeah, we can make an AI that beats the best human chess players with ease, but how do you make one that feels its opponents’ pain as it figuratively destroys them? We don’t know, and neither do these rich people, but hopefully, we can answer those questions by throwing a bunch of money into a big pot. The pot will come up with something.


It’s time for! Shorter News Stories Said More Quickly Than The Others, of course.

AMD is planning on launching its Ryzen CPUs before March 3rd, according to an invite to a GDC talk which mentions the “recently-launched” chip. GDC runs from Feb. 27th to March 3rd, so that’s where that date came from, it makes a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, “sources” on the “internet” say Nvidia will launch the 1080 Ti at Pax East, which takes place between March 10th and 12th. Just thought you should know.

Meanwhile, Ars Technica has rounded up all the evidence claiming the Nintendo Switch will sell for around 250 bucks U.S, AND that Zelda: Breath of the Wild could launch with the system as part of a bundle. We’ll get more concrete details Thursday night from the Switch live stream.

Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 feature that locks your PC when you move away from it, called “Dynamic Lock”, but internally, it’s codenamed “Windows Goodbye”. See that Apple? Microsoft can be fun, too! So that’s nice.

After buying Pebble last month, Fitbit has now also purchased Vector Watch, a UK-based smartwatch maker. Same story – Vector Watches will still work, but won’t get any new software updates. The rest of the wearable industry trembles in Fitbit’s shadow, wondering when their time will come.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


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