i9 7900X OC’d to 5.7GHz

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Intel’s Core-X Series processors were only just officially announced, but looks like an intrepid overclocker has already got their hands on them. The overclocker known as Elmor was able to get the 10-core i9 7900X up to 5.7GHz, from its base clock speed of 3.3. This allowed him to break the current Cinebench world record, scoring 3181 points. Of course, the OC was accomplished using liquid nitrogen, but it’s impressive as an indication of these new chips power nonetheless. A leaked benchmark has shown the 1 thousand dollar 7900X outperforming the 1500 dollar i7 6950X, so, even if AMD’s Threadripper CPUS end up being a bust, which, if Ryzen is any indication, probably won’t be the case, at least AMD has given the market a much-needed shakeup. What do you guys think? Will Intel’s Core X-series steal the spotlight back from AMD? Leave a comment.


Over to console news now, where Nintendo continues to confuse us concerning what year it thinks it’s living in. The company had already revealed that voice chat for the Switch would require a phone app to work, but this… just look. Game peripheral maker Hori has shared images of their Splatoon-themed headset, which will apparently require a splitter device, which will connect to both your switch and your phone. And the cables are less than 20 inches long. So. Guess… no voice chat when it’s docked? Cool, ya that makes sense. What actually does make sense is Nintendo’s newly released details about their online service – starting in 2018, 20 bucks will get you online play for a year, and full access to a library of classic Nintendo titles. Ok Nintendo, great… But like.. Try playing an Xbox or PS4, see how their chat works and stuff, you might learn something.


And also starting in 2018, Google will add an ad-blocking feature to its Chrome Browser. The company announced its intention to do so earlier this year, but now we’re getting more details. Google actually refers to the upcoming feature as an ad “filter”, as it won’t block all ads – just the ones it deems “unacceptable”, such as pop-ups, auto-playing videos, and countdown ads that delay the display of content. Chrome is by far the most popular web browser, with 50 percent market share, so the addition of a built-in ad blocker would have a huge effect on the online ads market. That’s why the company is discussing plans with publishers, so they can remove unacceptable ads from websites. Allow me to insert a bit of editorial here – I think this is a great http://www.facebook.com/move. The openness and freedom of the internet depend on companies being able to make money through it. Rather than using a blunt-force hammer to block all ads, constraining the type of ads that are allowed on the internet to ones that are acceptable and not super annoying will allow companies and content creators to continue operating and making the internet a nice place. Whoa. That was a little too sincere. It’s getting too serious… Uh, Barret! Put an explosion in!


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RIME, a sick looking PC game inspired by Zelda and Ico, has had its Denuvo DRM cracked by pirates, so its developer, Grey Box, will be releasing a DRM-free version of the game, just like they promised. It seems like DRM is more and more useless these days. Just like this gate. Moving on.

One of the MANY announcements at Computex was the Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box, which includes a GTX 1070 and goes for 599. Looks like external GPU getting slightly more affordable.

Essential, Andy Rubin’s company that just unveiled a new smartphone, also filed a patent for smart glasses. Will they be essential? Only time will tell.

Windows 10 Insiders got a somewhat nasty surprise recently, two released builds that caused many issues including making PCs get stuck in a boot loop. Just goes to show, let other people deal with broken things first. Then you don’t have to.

And cool, Japanese researchers have developed a set of artificial arms that you can control with your legs, and some supervillain is watching this right now with great interest, great job Japan, you’ve sealed humanity’s doom.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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