If you have a GTX980 Ti in your PC, you will not be able to reserve Windows 10

There is always a group of people who constantly upgrade their hardware and software and keep everything up to date. We call them enthusiasts. If you currently own a GTX 980 Ti, I am comfortable to say that hey, you are a computer enthusiast. However, today I have a bad news. Your lovely GTX 980 Ti will not let you reserve Windows 10. BANG!

win10 wont run

PC world editor Brad Chacos reported this morning that GTX 980 Ti for some reason will not support Windows 10. After he posted the article online, there a numerous comments confirming the same issue from GTX 980 Ti owners. Perhaps Microsoft’s engineers are jealous about you bad ass 980 Ti users. LOL

Quick Update:

A Nvidia stuff tweeted later this morning saying this will not be an issue by July 29th.  Although it is not official statement, at least we heard something from an insider on this matter


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