Intel 18 Core & 36 THREAD Core-X CPUs

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Our first story actually has nothing to do with Computex, but it does have something to do with the core-pocalypse. Videocardz claims to have gotten their hands on a leaked Intel slide that describes Core X-series processors with not only 12 cores, but 14, 16, and 18 cores as well. UUhwhaaaa?? We had previously heard about the 12-core i9 7920X, but if this info is true, it will be joined by the 7940X, 60X, and 80XE. Obviously.. Take this info with a grain of salt, especially because the packages for these things look kind of gaudy. Pink and purple clashes, Intel. Come on. But dang! The CPU wars are gonna be hat this summer. Threadripper best watch its back.


Alright on to the Computex news! So far the most news has come out of the ASUS press conference, where they announced and updated a bunch of products. The Zenbook Pro UX550 is thinner than its predecessor, with Kaby Lake Core i7s, GTX 1050 Ti, a 4K screen, and a decent number of ports including HDMI, two USB Type A, and 2 USB Type C. The Zenbook 3 Deluxe wasn’t so lucky, featuring only 2 Type C ports, but it does have that siiick gold trim. So it’s worth it. The Zenbook Flip S is apparently the world’s thinnest 2-in-1 convertible laptop at 10.9mm in thickness and weighing under 2.5 lbs. But look, here come the more affordable Vivobooks! The Vivobook S15 goes for 499, with a 15.6-inch screen, aluminum construction, and up to a Core i7 Kaby Lake CPU. The VivoBook Pro 15, on the other hand, goes for 799, with lots of hardware options available including Intel Optane memory.


I suppose you think ASUS stopped with the laptops yeah well you’re wrong. They also announced two All in One PCs, the Vivo AIO V241 and the Zen AiO ZN242, essentially refreshes with Kaby Lake, and the Designo MZ27AQ, a 27 inch, 1440p monitor with 100% sRGB coverage. But perhaps the strangest item announced was the Blue Cave, a dual-band AC2600 Wireless router that has dreams of being a Dyson fan. Apparently, the strange design is actually functional: the motherboard sits on the bottom, while the whole top functions as antennas. And it’s got Amazon’s Alexa assistant. Just like everything else these days.


Alright, it’s time for!


Hey, that a jingle from the history of the entire world guy! And cool 3d cube thing! I feel like there’s so much to unpack there. Thanks, ampinstein! The rest of you want to submit a quick bits clip, do it.


A bit more Computex news: the wraps are coming off X299 motherboards, as ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and BioStar. There are even some ITX offerings right off the bat. Very nice.

Corsair unveiled a somewhat liquid resistant mechanical keyboard, the K68, which features either Cherry MX Reds or Blues, and LEDs that match the switches. Can you get blue switches with red LEDs? No. That’s disgusting.

In Win has shown off the 806 mid-tower and the Gaming Cube A1 mini-ITX case, both featuring wood panels in addition to aluminum and tempered glass. I can only hope this replaces RGB as the big PC trend. Please.

You thought display companies were done experimenting with stretchy bendy screens, you were wrong. Samsung showed off a new prototype, and it is indeed … quite stretchy.

ARM is launching two new mobile processors, the Cortex A75 and A55, using the new DinamIQ microarchitecture. They’re joined by the Mali G72 mobile GPU, which ARM says might even be powerful enough to be used for machine learning.

And Speaking of machine learning, Google thinks its AlphaGo AI has learned enough, and will not be competing against any more professional Go players, seeing as it shut out the world champ 3 nothing. Psh. Sounds like it’s just scared somebody will take its crown. Chicken!


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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