Intel Core i3 7350K benchmarks, Graphene Displays, HALF LIFE 3??

Congratulations. You’ve made it. You’ve survived…BLACK FRIDAY! Boy oh boy, it’s rough out there. But if you’re watching, I know you’ve made. Well done, and on we go, to the tech news.

Today, or sometimes in the past 24 hours anyways, benchmarks for the Intel Core i3-7350K showed up online from GeekBench. And they’re looking good! For an i3 anyways. This dual core, 4.2 GHZ CPU will be part of the Kaby Lake lineup and the first i3 chip with overclocking capabilities. Single-core score from Geekbench shows 5137 and multi-core shows 10,048. For comparison, the previous i3 had 4033 and 7555 respectively. But the i3-7350 even beats out most of Intel’s current i5 chips, both in single and multi-core. This will be available for $177 US and the future’s looking bright guys. Now I have to check if this is better than my i5 at home. I mean I should probably have an i7. Well, maybe I’ll get an i3 now. Probably not though.

Researchers from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have discovered a new use for the wonder material, graphene. What is graphene? It’s this stuff. Describing it with words, it’s a sheet of pure carbon just a single atom thick and these researchers found a way to make it bubble, creating a colour change in the graphene as it expands and contracts. Scientists say that these ‘mechanical pixels’ could eventually make screens that are more flexible, durable, and energy efficient than current LED technology. They were created by working with panels of silicon oxide covered with two sheets of graphene. The silicon pockmarked with holes, had graphene  stretched across the cavities. Bubbles of graphene changed color depending on the pressure inside the cavities and how light light refracted through them. Anyways, this is pretty early for this technology and there are currently a lot of limitations, but it will be interesting to see where this goes. There’s a lot more info, so check it out, but the researchers are planning to show off a prototype in March.

Keys talked about the Steam Awards the other day, suggesting that Valve should give themselves an award to make Half-Life 3 already, or something. That doesn’t really make sense, BUT Indeed, since Valve allowed people to vote on an awards category, the PEOPLE SPOKE and voted for the ‘Game that Deserves a Sequel’ award, taking this opportunity to let Valve know that people actually DO want Half Life 3. Wait, WHAT!? That’s right, The Half-Life subreddit got the ball rolling with a post that influenced people to go and vote on Steam. The post has received a lot of support and they may just get Valve to get going on something after a 9-year hiatus. Half Life 3 confirmed???

It’s time for

Thank you, Gabe! It’s actually SHORTER news stories, but it’s all the same. I played trumpet in high school as well, so good on ya dude! March that band to victory with your trumpeteering skills! If you would like to submit a thing like that, send me a twitter!

Space X has been given a contract to launch a NASA satellite in 2021. The SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography) mission will use a Falcon 9 rocket to take research hardware into orbit where NASA will conduct ‘the first-ever global survey of Earth’s surface water’ to understand how our oceans change over time. Ok, sounds good.

No Man’s Sky is getting its first update in over two months and the developers promise that, oooh this is the start of something amazing. This is going to change everything. You’ll see.

Tesla hired one Hololens developer and now they’re hiring another developed, Andrew Kim, who was a senior designer for the Hololens project. People believe that these are some pretty big clues that Tesla is working on augmented reality features for its upcoming vehicles.

Japanese mobile carrier, Softbank, is amping up the release of Rogue One with Star Wars smartphones. There are Dark Side and Light Side Editions and they look pretty awesome…if you’re a huge nerd!! So dumb…

Yesterday, Ubisoft launched 30 Days of Giveaways, so go and buy some Ubisoft games if you want.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX forum post linked in the description.


a good one .. “What happens to the nitrogen in air when the Sun comes out in the morning? – It becomes DAYtrogen …”

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