Intel Core X-Series Release Dates


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E3 is now in full swing and guess what? More news from E3. Nothing I can do to change that ladies and gentlemen, so let’s get it.


Intel announced a few things at E3. First up, starting next week on June 19th, people can start to pre-order the new Intel core x series processors. For the time being, it will be only the 4- 10 core processors that will be available for preorder and then the following week the CPUs should start shipping the week after that. The 12 core intel core i9 will start to ship sometime in August and the remaining CPUs including the high end 7980X Extreme Edition are expected to ship in October.  Oh and Intel is joining forces with Linkin Park for the Linkin Park VR Destination. Basically starting in July, this is a new way for LP to get in contact with their fans, from buying merch to exclusive behind the stage or on the stage VR clips. That’s kinda cool. What do you guys think about the shipping dates for the Intel X series chips? Leave a comment down below.


Next up Nintendo E3 news.There was a lot here so I’m just going to start spewing out things Super Mario Odyssey gets its launch date on October 27th for the Switch. Metroid Samus Returns is coming to the 3DS system and will arrive September 15th. Kirby will be coming to the switch in 2018. Same thing goes for the Yoshi platformer, that’s coming sometime in 2018 as well. Nintendo is also working on a core RPG Pokemon title coming for the Nintendo switch. There was also Xenoblade Chronicles and YESSSSSSS METROID PRIME 4 for the SWITCH!!!! ERRRHMAHGERDDD. Its still in development but still, we haven’t seen a Metroid Prime game in over 10 years… so this .. this is great news. Oh and Rocket league is coming to the Switch and there will be crossplay available with the Xbox one and PC, but no Ps4.


Annnd in Destiny 2 news, Sony aired a brand new Destiny 2 trailer announcing which showed off a bunch of PS4 exclusive content like the co-op strike lake of shadows, exclusive armour for the Titan, Warlock and hunter, an exclusive ship, plus an exclusive exotic sniper rifle called the Borealis that can change its damage types between solar, arc and void. The end of the trailer was actually the surprising part because the launched date has now moved to September 6th, 2 days earlier than previously planned. But that’s not all, The beta early access for preorders start July 18th, and the open beta starts July 21st. The PC beta will be launching sometime late August but the actual game will launch 46 days later than the console on October 24th. That’s kinda disappointing but hey at least Nvidia gave us some 4k 60fps gameplay trailer to tide us over… boy oh boy am I excited.


It’s time for bem bem bem bem bem bem bem lightning round!


Alienware just debuted some PC accessories including a g sync monitor, free sync monitor, advanced keyboard, pro keyboard, both of which with Kailua mechanical switches, an advanced gaming mouse and an elite gaming mouse complete.


Looks like LG has been confirmed to be making the Pixel XL 2 phone codenamed Taimen after an entry in a bug report found in the Android Issue Tracker.


Speaking of LG, they have a new gaming ultrawide monitor the 34UC89G. It offers a 2560 by 1080 curved IPS display, g sync and a 144Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 166Hz all for 999US. hmmm.


The Tesla Model X has become the highest safety rated SUV with a 5-star rating in EVERY safety category. Well done Elon.. well done.


And Razer has just announced the Thresher Ultimate wireless surround gaming headset for the PC, Xbox, and Ps4. So its a 3 in 1 wireless headset interesting… $249 USD you say…interesting July you say… Interesting… mmmmmmmmm i’ll think about it.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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