Intel i7 7700K temp spikes, Xeon Scalable Processors, Dota 2 Campaign

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For months now, some owners of Intel Core 7700K processors have complained of mysterious temperature spikes. Seemingly at random, the chips would clock themselves much higher, hitting temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius. That’s only 10 degrees lower from the 7700K’s maximum temperature threshold of 100 degrees, which is also the boiling point of water. So it’s a good thing the chip isn’t made .. of water. Intel has finally responded to the complaints with a post on their forums, saying they haven’t seen abnormal temperatures in their own testing, and basically telling users… not to overclock or de-lid the processor, because that will void the warranty. .. Ok, but your processors are running super hot –
Yeah, don’t overclock em.
But, you sell it with an unlocked multiplier, you’re basically advertising its ability to overclock.

You’re advertising your ability to be… A big dummy.

Yeah well this dummy’s getting Ryzen.

Huh…. Maybe I need to think about my choices and actions.


In other Intel news, the company has introduced a new line of Skylake based Xeon processors, and they’re totally metal, dude. Not in the hard rock sense, but in the naming sense, because Intel has replaced the Xeon E3, E5, and E7 branding with Bronze, Silver, and Gold, respectively, with a new top-tier category of PLATINUM. The new processors make up the Xeon SP, or Xeon Scalable Processor Family, so these first Skylake based chips are known as Skylake-SP. It appears that Intel is looking to take features that have remained separate from the processor itself and integrate them directly with Skylake SP. We’ll get more details, including actual part numbers, leading up to the chip’s launch this summer.


And the multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 will soon be adding something a little different: a co-op campaign. The campaign will come in two parts, with the first half, Siltbreaker, launching by the end of May, and the second half coming in July. Four players will join forces to progress through the story, involving a mysterious world called the Dark Reef. To access the campaign, you’ll have to buy an International Battle Pass, which starts at 10 bucks and also grants access to a number of other new game features. Proceeds from Batte Passes also go toward the prize pool for this year’s Dota 2 International tournament which is currently at around 4.6 million dollars. I’m totally into this, because I love story driven games, but what about you guys? Will you pay 10 bucks to play a 2-part Dota 2 campaign? And why can Valve still not count to 3? Comment a comment in the comments.


What happens in Quick Bits, stays in Quick Bits, which is why now it’s time for Quick Bits, and hey, if you tweet me a video of you saying Quickbits with hashtag quickbits, I’ll play it on Netlinked, so. But now it’s time for quick bits.



You might have been patiently waiting for the announcement of the OnePlus 4 – sadly, it’s never coming. But the OnePlus 5 is, as OnePlus has just announced the phone will arrive this summer. This is actually the 6th phone, from OnePlus. Skipped 4 because it’s unlucky, apparently. And irrationally numbering tech products is trendy these days.

Microsoft just finished with a Surface event, but another one is apparently coming on May 23rd in Shanghai, where the company is expected to unveil the Surface 5. Or, the Surface 6, or 19! There’s no rules anymore.

A leaked image of what is reportedly Amazon’s upcoming touchscreen Echo device has popped up on the web, but it looks pretty blocky, with big ol’ bezels, and just.. Who the heck is Judy? I did not agree to dinner with her, Amazon. Try again.

Elon Musk is actively taking suggestions on what to name the tunneling machine that will be used by his newest company, the Boring Company, to dig through the earth. Any suggestions? Seems like Snoop Dug is the frontrunner. I myself am partial to Diglett.

Reviews for Blackberry’s newest phone, the Keyone, are up, and mostly positive, although technically, it’s made by the Chinese company that licensed the Blackberry name, TCL. So you’d kind of be living a lie if you got this. Not judging, just sayin.

And Oculus is shutting down Story Studio, which won awards for its original VR short films, Henry and Dear Angelica. Seems like things haven’t been looking super amazing for Oculus, while former Oculus executive and founder Palmer Luckey has apparently completely gone off the deep end. I mean the bikini is one thing but that goatee? Oh, Palmer. I miss the times when we didn’t know so much about you.

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