Intel ‘Ice Lake”


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If you thought buying things as an Amazon Prime member was fast, Amazon is now introducing instant pick up. The new service has launched and it allows amazon prime and prime student subscribers to place an order at a staffed pickup location and pick up the order within 2 minutes of ordering. Yes… 2 minutes or less. The slight downside for this new instant pick up service is that the pickup locations are limited to just 5 locations that tend to be on campuses. Hundreds of need-it-now items can be ordered like food, cold drinks, personal care items, technology essentials and Amazon devices like the Echo, Echo Dot or Fire TV. Don’t get me wrong, 2 minutes is fast, but if I need a snack I’ll probably hit up a vending machine and get a bag of chips in like 30 seconds… assuming that I have enough change on me and that the bag of chips doesn’t get stuck in the machine… on second thought… instant pickup sounds a whole lot better.


Intel in a weird move has decided to reveal its next CPU architecture code name and its called Ice Lake. Basic info for Ice Lake was published on Intel’s codename decoder saying that the Ice Lake processor family is a successor to the 8th gen intel core family and that these Ice lake chips will utilize Intel’s industry leading 10 nm+ process technology.It’ss definitely weird to even hear about another code name considering that both Coffee Lake and Cannon lake are still kind of under wraps. Any other details about ice lake are purely speculation and educated guess but given the fact that Intel called Ice lake an 8th generation processor, we’ll be likely to learn more next year. What I would like to know is who comes up with these code names and how can i be a part of it?


Razer today announced a new mouse called the Atheris. The Atheris is an optical mouse with a 7200 DPI, has 5 programmable buttons, has both bluetooth and wireless 2.4ghz connectivity weighs 66 grams without batteries and 2 double A batteries are included. The Atheris also features an ambidextrous design and roughly 300 to 350 hours of battery life… that’s over 14 days. What may be jarring to some people is that the Atheris doesn’t come with RGB chroma lighting options. Whats even weirder is that the mouse has an affordable MSRP of $50 and qualifies for free shipping. Someone should probably call razer and tell them that they’ve lost their minds.


Its time for bem bem bem bem lightning round… sounds kind of weird in this room…


In Blizzard news, blizzard has decided to change their online gaming service from blizzard tech, to Blizzard I guess blizzard tech just never really caught on.


And Google has launched Allo for web browser but only for Android users for the time being. But does anyone really care? I literally only have one person on my contact list that uses allo. Shout out to my boy Rhys


Samsung just released their latest portable SSD, the T5. it has speeds of up to 540 megabytes per second and you can one price starting at 129.99


The newly updated smaller Microsoft Xbox wireless adapter has been delayed to next year January 31.


Looks like Samsung Canada has confirmed that Bixby will be making its way to Canada very soon. YASSSSS MMMMMMM BIXBY!


And cable sleeving experts Cablemods are introducing modwrap sleeving kits for both EVGA and Corsair coolers. neato.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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