Intel “Ruler” 1PB SSD


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Even though we are on the cusp of Threadripper’s launch, today’s main stories are all about Intel. The company has revealed the full specs for the remaining 4 products in their Core X-series lineup, from the 12-core i9 7920X to the 18-core i9 7980XE. From a pure specs standpoint, it looks like AMD’s comparable Threadripper parts have a slight edge, with higher clock speeds and lower price across the board, along with 64 PCIe lanes to Intel’s max of 44. But as we saw with Ryzen, better specs doesn’t necessarily mean better performance, as most hardware and software is still better optimized for Intel CPUs on the whole. We’ll find out for sure when the 7920X launches on August 28th, followed by the last 3 CPUs on September 25th.


But that wasn’t all the intel that Intel dropped today – the chip giant also announced that their 8th gen Core processors, codenamed Coffee Lake, will launch August 21st. Seems a little early to push out a new platform – desktop Kaby Lake processors only just launched in January. It might make sense if it’s a soft launch, with Coffee Lake-based notebooks and prebuilt systems becoming available in the fall, with desktop chips launching later, but, leaks of specs and roadmaps make it look like Intel is indeed launching the Coffee Lake Z370 desktop platform in Q3, with the lower-end Coffee Lake-S platform launching in Q1 2018. Geez louise, Intel! So in 2017, we’ve had Kaby Lake on Z270, Core-X on X299, and now Coffee Lake on Z370, all in one year. Hopefully Coffee Lake is worth getting excited about and not just a kneejerk reaction to AMD actually putting out decent chips.


And in our last bit of Intel news, SSDs are about to get bigger and… longer. The company has revealed its vision for a new form factor for solid state drives called the Ruler. It’s long, skinny, and designed to fit into server racks in data centers which would traditionally be filled up with hard drives. But instead of maxing out that space with 10GB hard drives, A Ruler SSD could hold up to one petabyte of data itself – that’s 1 thousand terabytes, which is 1 thousand gigs – so a 42U rack cage could hold 42 petabytes. That’s one place AMD can’t touch Intel, that’s for sure.

It’s time for Quick Bits!

A Boston-based startup called Neurable has developed a modified HTC Vive headset that can sense brain activity and translate that into control of the virtual world. Meaning you can control Neurable’s game, in which you have telekinetic powers, just by thinking. So. Let’s just take a moment and appreciate how awesome that’s gonna be. … Great.

The viking-themed mental illness simulator Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice was released yesterday, and it’s getting pretty rave reviews, although the permadeath mechanic is proving to be divisive.

Everyone’s stoked for Threadripper, but it does have at least one weakness: Sources have told Tom’s Hardware that the X399 chipset does not support booting NVME SSDs in a hardware RAID configuration. If you don’t know what that means, you probably don’t have to worry about it, but if you do, time to get mad!

GamersNexus investigated the Noctua fan controversy – some people thought there might be a performance difference between fans produced in China versus Taiwan, but turns out there’s no difference. So. Mystery solved.

And this isn’t really tech news, but it’s super amazing: researchers at Ohio State have developed a technology called tissue nanotransfection, that involves injecting DNA into a patient’s live skin cells, which then turn into stem cells, that can then be directed to become any type of tissue, in seconds. It could revolutionize medical treatment. ‘S a big deal. If you want all the details on that, or ANY of today’s news stories, they can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


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