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Intel has officially launched their new Scalable Processor Family of Xeon Processors, complete with a dig at AMD’s competitor. There are dozens of chips being launched, with a much different naming scheme and no easy way to tell which parts are the successors to last generation’s counterparts. But the most interesting thing about this launch is that, for the first time in a long time, there’s an actual competitor to these Xeons that’s worth considering – AMD’s EPYC processors. And Intel knows this, as they’ve taken to referring to EPYC’s modular die design as “glued-on”. Ooh, sassy. Shots fired. Now, if you’re not in the corporate server market, you almost certainly don’t have to worry about the specifics, but if you’re curious, we’ve linked some detailed articles in the news sources forum post in the description.


Google’s Pixel phone continues to be one of the most popular Android phones on the market, so the internet got understandably excited when leaked images of its successor appeared. Android Police first revealed the image, which isn’t actually a photograph or an official render, but an approximation of the design of the phone based on information from sources that they deem extremely reliable. That sounds pretty flaky, but Android Police has been accurate with its leaks and predictions in the past. They’re claiming the phone will be made by LG, with a 6 inch AMOLED display flanked by very small bezels, and with a “squeezable” frame just like the HTC U11. No information on pricing or release date was leaked, unfortunately, so I guess you could say in terms of practical knowledge, this is almost useless! HAha.


Speaking of practical knowledge, here’s some. Today, over 200 entities, from online services to news publications, updated their websites to make statements about the Net Neutrality Day of Action. The event is being held in response to the FCC’s proposed rollback of the net neutrality protections put in place by former chairman Tom Wheeler. If you’re still foggy on what net neutrality is, Totalbiscuit just put up an excellent video explaining the concept, but basically, it’s the belief that internet access should be treated as a utility like water or gas, where you’re charged for how much you use, not what you use it FOR. That way, ISPs like AT&T or Verizon can’t charge extra for “premium” internet fast lanes, or do things like charge for third-party streaming services while discounting their own services. Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, Twitch, and even the inventor of the web itself, Tim Berners-Lee, posted statements encouraging users to tell the FCC they want the net neutrality rules to stay in place. It remains to be seen what impact, if any, this will have on current chairman Ajit Pai’s intention to remove the rules. Tell ya what, why don’t you guys let everyone know in the comments what you think about net neutrality, and make sure to try your best to start a flame war while you’re at it. That sounds like a good idea.


It’s time for QUICK BITS


Logitech has gone ahead and bought Astro, best known for making gaming headsets, for $85 million in cash. As part of the Logitech Gaming brand, the Astro team will focus on making products for consoles. claims to have info confirming leaks concerning RX Vega first published by German site 3DCenter. The leak describes 3 variants of Vega, XL, XT, and XTX, which apparently is a codename for the Frontier Edition card. Intriguing, but not concrete, so keep your pants on, sparky. We’ll know more July 30th.

Dell introduced the Lattitude 7000, the world’s first 2-in-1 wireless charging hybrid laptop. Although you need to buy an extra wireless charging pad and separate keyboard that supports it. Like it has 2 keyboards, one for regular use and one for wireless charging, but they look very similar. No one said innovation was cheap, guys.

Microsoft will begin pilot projects in 12 states over the next year aiming to provide 2 million Americans in rural areas with high-speed wireless internet. Because they want those people to buy Windows 10 and Microsoft’s services. I mean, because they care.

Facebook has added livestreaming capability to its Facebook Spaces social VR platform. It will allow someone using a VR headset to pick up a virtual camera, which will feed video to the audience. Facebook and Oculus are kind of creepy together, but this actually sounds cool.

And Hyperloop One says it actually ran a successful full-scale test back in May, but we’re only hearing about it now. A transit sled hit 70 miles per hour in a vacuum, which is far short of the 750mph that it’s eventually meant to reach, but tsk – can you hit 70mph by yourself in a vacuum. Didn’t think so. So still impressive.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


Potatoes are real. I don’t care what anyone says. THEY’RE REAL, MOM!


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