Intel Skull Canyon NUC Review

The Canyon NUC is a semi-like DIY PC. It has a price tag of $599USD, however, this does not come with storage, RAM and OS. When you finally buy those parts, it is going to be around one grand. For a CPU it has a quad core i7-6770HQ processor which has the Iris Pro Graphics 580. There are two SODIMM DDR4 RAM slots going up to 32GB and two M.2 slots.

At the front, you obviously get a power button. The power button isn’t disappearing anytime soon. You also get a SD card reader, dual USB 3.0 ports, headphone jack and an IR receiver. Focusing on the opposite side, you get an HDMI port, miniDisplay port, a USB Type C and dual USB 3.0s. The other ports found there are is an ethernet port, another headphone jack and the power plugin.

Although the NUC is small, it is not going to overheat. It has adequate vents on the side and bottom with a small blower-style fan inside. Since this cannot stand upright, you are able to put it on a VESA mount and attach it to stands or other things. The skull at the top of it can seem a bit weird looking so you can swap it out with a normal cover. Right beneath that cover is the Wifi receiver. This receiver can take in both 2.4 & 5Ghz bands.


Small doesn’t exactly mean low resolution. This little guy can go up to 4K. On to the benchmarks. All the benchmarks are at 1080p. At low settings on Overwatch, you typical get up to 45FPS or higher. With integrated graphics, this is quite surprising to me. Basic games such as Indie games perform at a rocksteady rate of 60FPS or higher. DOTA 2 with best settings waver between 40-50FPS. At lower settings, you can play the game comfortably at high 80FPS.

Overall, this is a pretty good PC. It can be used as a dedicated light gaming PC on the go. Switchable components are a great feature but its biggest highlight is its small form factor.

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