Intel’s 3D NAND super fast SSD is here

So Intel was not joking last year. Today the CPU giant officially announced new line up of the enterprise level SSDs using 3D NAND technology.


However, the rumored 10TB storage is actually a false projection. These new SSDs top out at 2TB capacity. If you are wondering if Intel is the 1st company introducing 3D NAND SSD, the answer is no. Earlier this month, Samsung have already announced PM1633a SSD that uses 3D NAND chips and has 15.36TB of storage.

Intel on the other hand, are targeting their new lineup towards data centers, workstations, and storage arrays. As a result, the new lineup include DC P3320, DC3520, D3700 and D3600. There is no consumer level model yet.

According to PC World’s source “Intel uses 3D NAND flash from Micron, which started shipping the chips last month. The 3D NAND flash has more density because storage cells are layered on top of each other, an improvement from current SSDs in which flash chips are placed next to each other. The storage chips are also closer, making SSDs faster.”

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