Intel’s 6th Skylake is here … Be prepared wallets!

Intel today officially launched its 6th generation CPU, code name “Skylake”

The flagship K version this time, i7 6700k and i5 6600k received a large amount of positive feedback from previous tests and reviews. So if you have not upgraded your rig in the past 4 years, you probably should prepare for an upgrade 🙂

corei7 models

One thing you have to know: unlike the 4770k and 4790k upgrade where you can still use your old mobo, Skylake will require a new mobo because it is on socket 1151, not 1150 anymore. Also, DDR4 will be the choice of your RAM, no more DDR3. With all that said, if you decide to upgrade this time, you need a new chip, a new mobo, and a set of new DDR4 RAM.

so why this chip is worth getting? Because it is easy to overclock! you can expect 4.6Ghz easily from a 6700k.

My comments on Intel’s new chip? “shut up and take my money!”

Read Gord M. U’s full tech review on Skylake: