Internet gets DDoS’ed, PS4 Pro has 2 GPUs, Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

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A sizeable chunk of the internet had a nasty surprise this morning, as a number of large sites including Spotify, Reddit, and the New York Times were taken offline by a DDoS, or Distributed denial of service, attack. We still don’t know where the attack originated, but its primary target was Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company in New Hampshire, responsible for offering DNS services that route users to the correct website when they put a URL into a browser. The attack primarily affected users on the eastern seaboard of the United States and a bit of Europe, or maybe I should say, is affecting, because as of writing this episode, the attack was still ongoing after having subsided for a bit. Some security experts, like the great Brian Krebs, are saying the attack may have used a recently published tool called Mirai that can use enslaved Internet of Things devices for large scale DDoS attacks. This story is still developing, so stay on your toes. It truly is a sad day when you’re prevented from even posting a selfie to Twitter. Whoever did this? is a monster.

Numerous news outlets have been reporting on recent interviews with the the Playstation 4 Pro’s lead system architect, Mark Cerny, wherein he shed light on what’s inside the new console. One of the most interesting things to be revealed is the fact that the PS4 Pro has 2 GPUs, essentially running Crossfire in a console. The GPUs are the same model in the original PS4, so when the PS4 Pro runs an original PS4 game, it simply uses just one GPU. When a game has been optimized for the PS4 Pro’s extra power, it runs both GPUs. The Pro also has an extra gig of system memory to better multitask. Wait, so if a console has a dual-GPU setup, maybe now developers will have an excuse to optimize for it on PC as well! Haha! That’s a funny joke!

And Tobii has launched its second generation eye tracking product, the Eye Tracker 4C. Straightforward naming scheme, I like it. The 4C adds head tracking as well as eye tracking, and it’s apparently the only device on the market with both capabilities. It also has a chip to assist with processing, so there’s less strain on the host device – that also allows the 4C to connect using a single USB 2 cord. Around 40 games currently support eye tracking, including Deus Ex Mankind Divided, The Division, and the upcoming Watch Dogs 2, but the 4C can also be used for Windows Hello facial recognition. We actually reviewed an MSI laptop with built-in Tobii eye tracking, and found it was kind of interesting, but definitely sort of a niche thing – click HERE for the review.

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Some Battlefield 1 players on PS4 are getting a nasty surprise in the form of a glitch in the game’s dynamic resolution scaling that renders the game at a resolution of 160 by 90. I’ll say it – at that point, you might as well be playing on an actual potato.

Good news for owners of desktop GTX 1070 graphics cards – various manufacturers are releasing BIOS updates that should fix memory issues some users have been experiencing.

Acer has released a doozy of a gaming monitor – it’s a 24-inch, 1440p, 100% sRGB display with Nvidia G-Sync and a 144Hz refresh rate, but it can apparently be overclocked to 165Hz. For when 144 isn’t good enough for you. You’re FANCY.

Samsung is looking to move right on past the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle, as according to posts by Samsung India, they’ll soon be releasing a new phone called the Galaxy On Nxt. Probably should have held on a bit and come up with a better name, but oh well.

Google’s Daydream VR viewer is now up for pre-order in the US, UK, and Germany for 80 bucks US. Why don’t you love us, Google? What did Canada do to you? – Ah, well, come on. He means well.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.

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