InWin 303 – Tempered Glass Window for $89!

The InWin 303 starts at $89 USD. It has most things that builders and enthusiasts want these days. On the left side, there is a large tempered glass window that is tinted to showcase all the fancy components. The glass is rather thin and thus makes it quite light when comparing to other cases. Different than conventional cases, the PSU sits above the motherboard. At the top, there is an option to install three 120mm fans. This option also includes the bottom. Even though there is space for 140mm fans, InWin did not include holes for them. One nasty letdown is that there are no rubber grommets for cable management at all.  In this case, you can fit up to an ATX sized mobo. There is only one dust filter at the very bottom. The front IO ports light up which is cool.

At the top, technically you can fit three fans but the PSU will block airflow for one of the fans. Talking about the top, you can install radiators and setup push & pull. For SSDs, there are three slots for them and for HDDs, there are 2 slots for them on the back. One slight problem is that it will have a negative airflow because there is very little space at the bottom to intake air. Another annoying complication for anyone building is that the PCI-E slots don’t have thumbscrews which will be a hassle.

Overall, InWin has created a very modern & solid case. InWin can definitely improve cable management and airflow. HardwareCanucks give this case their signature “Dam Innovative” Award. Lets go for the “WIN”!

Buy the InWin 303 at NCIX CA or at NCIX US

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