JS Electric Power Bike: A New Way to Work Out

Electric bike, known as e-bike or booster bike, is a new kind of bicycle with integrated electric motor. Recently, JS released a new product, the electric power bike.

After e-watch, e-book, and a bunch of electric product, now we have the e-bike. No matter for bicycle manufacturer or Technology Company, it is never easy to produce an electric bike. Obviously, most e-bikes’ selling point is their electric part. What about the JS’s power bike?

The electric bike is 98cm high and 170 cm long. With the classic white tube and black wheel design, it basically is a normal mountain bike. When I try to carry the bike, it is heavier than other mountain bikes. The heaviest part of the bike should be the electric motor.

JS power bike’s electric motor is a lithium battery that inserts of the down tube. The battery supports the whole power system. Without human power, the battery still can offer a good speed (up to 40km/h). Therefore, no matter what kind of situation you face, the power bike will still able to keep you on the road.



You can treat the JS’s power bike like a normal exercise bicycle, but you definitely want to experience its electric side. To turn on the power system, you can just simply press the power button on the left handlebar. On the other hand, you can see the screen in the middle. The screen shows some useful information, such as battery life, time, assist, speed, distance, and even temperature. The user interface overall is simple and useful. It is more like a window that shows its electric feature.



On the other hand, JS cooperated with other big names like Shimano and Kenda. They provide the great mechanical system and professional tire to improve the whole design. In this case, the power bike is more like a hybrid fitness product. However, multiple brand combination and its electric feature will make SJ’s new bike become a more powerful product.




All in all, JS electric power bike is a creative new product. We believe e-bike can provide a new way to work out. With power system feature, it will quickly become a popular fitness product in the future.

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