Kanto Yaro 2 Speakers and AMP Review

The Kanto Yaro 2 is a stereo system that starts at $449. This system includes the two speakers, one hub and a controller. It is mainly for either desk use or movie watching. The speakers have a glossy back around it and at the top has a soft rubber finish. Users beware as both can easily wear out and has the glossy easily pick up fingerprints and dust. Yuck! Kanto has many accessories included in the packaging including batteries! Some of these accessories are two optical wires with different lengths, USB cords and 3.5mm cable. The ports on hub are power input, four ports for the two speakers, optional port for subwoofer, auxiliary, optical and USB connector. All these ports make it extremely versatile across PCs, consoles, home entertainment systems and many other systems. Sadly there isn’t any Bluetooth at all.

The hub has a rotating volume control, one headphone jack and an amplifier port. Controlling mostly everything is a controller. The controller has input switching, treble and bass adjustment and regular media buttons.

Problems that arise is when the hub comes out of standby, the settings you left before will be reset making it really annoying. For sound, they do a really good job with treble but with bass it begins to get mushy here and there. However in a TV setting is wonderful.

Overall, these speakers do a ok job but lacks bass for those awesome scenes or movies.


Buy the Kanto Yaro 2 at NCIX CA or NCIX US

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