Lenovo Y Gaming Mouse & Headset Review


Let’s start talking about the Y Gaming headset. The price starts at $49.99 USD or $69.99 CAD for those living further North. This is mainly for entry-level gamers who want an inexpensive headset. Looking at the overall frame, it has a black and red color scheme sticking to the same color theme alongside their other devices. The headband and cups come with carbon-fibre. When holding the headset, users will feel like its weak or plasticky. This is capable of staying on your head firmly but not so firm that it begins to crush your head inwards. It has red breathable foam which although isn’t as soft as leather, you can game for prolonged durations and not feel sticky. For connectivity, it has a 3.5mm plug. It comes with a Y-splitter so that you can use both microphone and headphone sockets.


Sound quality is decent even though the mid-range becomes a bit distorted. When playing FPS games, positional sounds are pretty accurate so you know which direction enemies are coming from. Sadly, the microphone quality is far, far below the headset’s . The sound nasally, soft and has lots of background hissing. If you are going to voice-chat with other people through FPS games, Skype, Curse or whatever, they are going to be annoyed.


Onto the new Y Gaming Optical Mouse. This starts at $39.99 USD or around $50 for Canadians. This mouse has a pretty basic design similar to the Razer Mamba. It has two side buttons on the left side and one DPI button. It is also shaped for right-handed people. For people with small hands, the large size will cause some discomfort. On top of discomfort, the top of the mouse flairs out which is aesthetically pleasing but feels weird for the palm. Apparently, Lenovo went with cheap quality materials as you can hear the plastic when knocking on it. This is good for fast-paced games as it only weighs 95 grams. Primary buttons are tactile but aren’t as comfortable as other ones found in better mice. Side buttons are responsive thank goodness.


Within the software, you can adjust the polling rate for response times and DPI settings. However, it has two mouse speed settings. They are sensitivity and DPI making it very difficult to adjust to the way you want.


Overall, these items are ok at this price range but you can certainly get better peripherals from other manufacturers. Click here to see other headsets and mice.


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