LG G5 “Always On” Display, 1st 4K Blu-Ray Player, HP FreeSync Laptops

AMD’s adaptive refresh rate technology, FreeSync, started out as an experiment with the embedded display port standard used in notebooks. It’s only fitting, then, that HP and AMD have announced they’ll start building FreeSync into AMD-powered laptops before July. Not only that, but by the end of 2016, all HP laptops with AMD processors will include the tech. The first model to get FreeSync will be the Envy 15Z. Nvidia’s competing technology, G-Sync, has been available in some gaming laptops for some time now, so it’s good to see AMD isn’t quite giving up on the laptop market just yet. 

After a leak pointed to LG’s upcoming G5 smartphone having an “always on” display, LG has officially announced the feature. On twitter, the company posted a gif showing a mockup of the phone with a little stamp showing the time, date, and some notifications. The display apparently is a larger version of the always on mini-display that adorned the top of the LG V10, which released late last year. Another leak claims the device will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM, as well as a semi-modular design for removing the battery. Hey alright, LG, kickin’ it old school.

Samsung has launched the world’s first 4K Blu-ray player today. The device was actually supposed to launch next month, but I guess Samsung just couldn’t hold it in anymore. It looks like the device is available at certain retailers in California for around 400 bucks US, but it’s sold out in a number of places already. Of course, you won’t have any actual UHD Blu-rays to play on the thing yet, but if you’re rarin’ to future-proof and keep your monthly internet usage down, there ya go.

Time for SMALL TALK!


If you missed out on the Division closed beta, good news! The open beta will run from  Feb. 19th to the 21st, but Xbox One owners will get it a day earlier on the 18th. Hopefully they fixed up all those infinite ammo and health bugs.

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in OS ten for apps that use the “Sparkle” update system – affected apps include uTorrent, DuetDisplay, and many more.

Chinese pirating group 3DM has decided to take a year off from cracking games for users to torrent, saying they want to evaluate the effect it has on actual game sales. Not the most scientific way to go about it, since other groups will probably just pick up the slack, but alright. Also – just buy your games if you can afford it, people, ok?

Facebook is looking into using the same high-frequency millimeter-wave spectrum that Starry is using to develop high-speed wireless networks for developing nations, so that’s cool,

Oculus has announced pre-orders for their Oculus Ready PC bundles, which include the Oculus Rift headset. Will start at 1499 US, and will launch February 16th from select retailers,

And researchers in Zurich, Switzerland, have developed the world’s smallest integrated optical switch, using a single silver atom to open and close a circuit. A single atom! Now that’s small. A perfect way to end small talk.