Logitech G810 Review – ROMER-G Switch For You?

The Logitech G810 looks like any regular keyboard with just the barebone functions and keypad. Unlike the G910, this keyboard does not have any macro keys but it still has macro functionality. This functionality has been integrated into the F1 to F12 keys. In the top right area, there are the media keys with volume scroll, illumination on/off switch and a Windows disable key. Though the keyboard is mainly plastic it still weighs quite a bit. The top area does not get any fingerprints but the side does because it is glossy. The button of the keyboard has a weird diagonal line design that serves no purpose. Talking about the bottom, there are 5 rubber feet to keep it from shifting and three level angle adjustment.This feature is cool and helpful as various users like their keyboard at different angles.

For connecting to the computer it has a large braided USB cable. Since it is braided, most users are going to have a hard time routing the cable behind their table. This keyboard has Logitech’s own signature Romer-G switches. This mean that people can not switch keycaps but this means that there is better uniform illumination. It is not linear as it has a slight tactile button. People coming from Cherry-MX mechanical keyboards will find the keys rather mushy as actuation points are much lower. If you particular people can adjust your force, it will feel much better as it will bounce back faster. At this price, Logitech should supply a wrist rest as most gamers play for a lengthy amount of time. Fatigue is a huge keystone.

Within the Logitech’s software, people can adjust the colours and brightness of the keyboard and assign hotkeys for macros. Overall, this keyboard is excellent. Wonderful job Logitech.


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