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Aaaaand first up, Ubisoft has announced that they are opening two new studios in Quebec, right here in Canada. They’re a French company and if you didn’t know, Quebec is a largely French speaking region of Canada, so there ya go. The first studio will be in a city called Saguenay (never heard of it), but it this studio will open up 125 jobs in the next few years. Ubisoft also plans to create 200 new jobs in Quebec City and 675 in Montreal and I have heard of those cities, so that’s how ya know. It’s not certain where the second of the two studios will be, but altogether Ubisoft will employ 1000 new people in the next 10 years. So, this is great. Jobs are good. Come and work for Ubisoft in Canada. But more importantly, obviously, this means that there will be more games…most likely. Because I mean, if there aren’t more games, what’s the point of me even talking about this right now?


The trackball mouse is back…BETCH!! That’s right. You might remember using a mouse with a giant trackball when you were younger and Logitech have revived it for the first time in over 10 years with MX Ergo. The angle of the trackball can be adjusted between 0 and 20 degrees for your comfort. And there’s a tilting scroll wheel and a DPI switch to toggle between normal and high precision modes. It also has support for Logitech’s multi-computer Flow feature. The MX Ergo connects over Bluetooth or Logitech’s Unifying receiver and it gets around for months of use from a charge. Oooooohhh that feels nice.


And this is a main story, mainly for personal interest, but hopefully, you find it pretty cool too. George Orwell’s classic novel, Animal Farm, is being adapted into a video game. It’s early in development with no date announced, but details about gameplay are out there. It’s an adventure style game where you can play the animals on the farm as well as manage the farm, so you’ll be able to see the consequences of your decisions first hand. People from Fable, The Witcher 3 & Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture are working on this game independently, which is kind of cool. Anyways, check out their website if you want to be updated on the Animal Farm game. I’m curious to see how these adapted video games turn out. I talked about the Apocalypse Now game a while ago which seems to be kind of similar to this in gameplay style. So um ya.


It’s time for Shorter News Stories said more Quickly than the Others


Samsung has been testing their self-driving cars in South Korea. Well, now they have permission to do just that in California. Samsung is just working on software and are working with car manufacturers, but it will be interesting to see how the company does alongside the other folks do this self-driving thing.


Hideo Kojima went on a huge Twitter rant to explain the importance of storytelling in video games. He was describing how even small details in development contribute to the impact of a video game’s story. Anyways, it’s kind of cool. Go check out the rant.


Starting September 12th, T-Mobile is giving away free Netflix subscriptions when you buy two lines from T-Mobile at $60 each. Meanwhile, in Canada, it’s a miracle if you can get just a phone plan for $60.


Microsoft has announced a Surface event on October 31st where they are expected to unveil a new Surface Book and other stuff.


And Google’s Street View cars have new cameras. They went down from 15 to seven 20 megapixel cameras that will stitch together one spherical image for Google Maps. These new cameras will create far better images for Google Maps with more colours and data.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.




The emoji movie was in fact, the greatest movie ever made. This is not scripted; I am actually serious….  


Well, guys, this is my last Netlinked Daily episode. And of course, I didn’t want to leave without showing you my mostly naked body, so I hope you enjoyed that intro. Thank you everyone for watching! I’ve really enjoyed hosting over the last year and a half or something and editing all the videos as well, but now it’s time to go do other things. I appreciate all your kind comments and I know that a lot of people thought my voice was annoying and that I was super annoying. I’m not really sure why you still watched my episodes. I only host once a week and we have so many other videos…but anyways. Thank you for still watching. If you did enjoy what I did on this channel, make sure to check out my personal YouTube channel, mynameisbarret. I only have a few videos right now, mostly random skits and stuff, but I’ll be making more videos on that. And of course, follow me on Twitter if you haven’t yet. And ya. Anyways guys…right. I still have to do the outro. This is awkward.


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