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First off, Microsoft announced that there will be a Windows 10 Fall creators update. The update is microsoft’s next major update thats set for a september release. With the fall update you can expect key additions like timeline, pick up where you left off, clipboard and onedrive files on demand. The timeline feature is like a time machine for resuming old sessions. Pick up where you left off is a feature where you can resume desktop apps on mobile devices like an iPhone or android.  Clipboard is a cloud clipboard that will be available for windows ios and android to let people copy content from a PC and paste it on a phone. Finally, onedrive files on demand  lets users fetch files from one drive without having to sync or download entire folders.


The next big announcement was perhaps the new vr motion controllers. These new controllers are meant to be paired with the Windows mixed reality headsets. The controllers work through tracking sensors on the headset rather than external cameras or markers.  Some sources are saying that these new microsoft controllers look like a hybrid between the vive and rift controllers. There’s a ring of leds for tracking, a round trackpad, an analog stick, menu button, a windows button and a side grip button. The controllers are set to be bundled with headsets for $399 this holiday season


And there were other announcements as well, like Apple Itunes will be coming to the windows store ecosystem, Story remix is a new app from Microsoft for creating videos, and Microsoft is going with a new visual identity called fluent design.


Alright enough microsoft news, lets change gears and drive straight into bem bem bem bem lightning round.


Today, Tesla announced the cost of how much they new solar roof panels will cost. And its only $21.80 per square foot and the roof would come with a lifetime tile warranty, a 30-year power warranty and a 30-year weatherization warranty. Preorders for the roof requires a $1000 down payment.


Google has just bought Owlchemy labs. You know the maker of Job simulator and Rick and Morty Virtual rick-ality. Owlchemy says it is “free to pursue raw creation and sprint toward interesting problems,” despite its new owners.


One of the upcoming pixel phones codenamed Taimen, made an appearance on geekbench and it apparently has 4gb of ram.


Modzero, a security firm, has discovered that HP has been unknowingly shipping an audio driver which doubles as a keylogger with their laptops.


And Payday 2 will be available as a VR title available via an update and its called Payday VR. The best part is, you can still play with your friends if you’re the only one with a VR headset and everyone else is playing on PC with keyboards and mice.  I’m actually kind of excited. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to rob a bank in VR.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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