Microsoft’s Stackable AIO PCs, Lumia 650, LG X Cam + X Screen

Desktop PCs are already modular – most of them anyways – but Microsoft wants to make modifying your rig simpler. The company has filed a patent for a design for a modular PC that incorporates stackable modules for storage, graphics processors, and more, much like other modular PC systems like Acer’s Revo Build system. But Microsoft’s design includes a Display stacked on top, so it’s actually a modular All-in-one. This might work well for families who want to upgrade without messing with a bunch of wires and connectors. 

Speaking of Microsoft, the company is not quite ready to give up Windows Phone quite yet. They just released the Lumia 650, a budget device with a Snapdragon 212 inside, a 5 inch OLED screen, eight and five mexapixel cameras on the front and back respectively, and a price tag of 199 US. Unfortunately, the phone does NOT support the Continuum feature, which allows you to hook your phone up to a monitor and peripherals to use desktop Windows 10, WHICH is, I feel like, pretty much the strongest reason for buying a Windows phone right now. Unless you crave attention and you want people to stare when they see you whip that thing out. HEY I’m not bashing, it’s just they’re at like 1.7 percent market share. #facts.

Smartphones these days are trying to be jacks of all trades, but a lot of times end up being masters of none. So LG is releasing two phones that specialize in distinct areas: The LG X Cam is a device focused on photography, with dual cameras on the rear, one 13 megapixel and one 5 megapixel – these could be used for some sort of selective focus or zoom functionality. The LG X Screen is a device similar to LG’s V10, boasting a secondary mini screen on top of the main 4.93 inch one, although this design is a lot clunkier looking than the V10’s screen. That’s unfortunate. Would you guys be down for a smartphone that does one thing really well, or do you prefer swiss army phones? Leave a comment.



The Original Knights of the Old Republic is still one of my favorite games, but a group called Poem studios is remaking it in Unreal Engine 4, so people can replay the classic and not cringe at its janky old graphics. Sweet!

Just when you thought everybody forgot about 3D printing, Mattel went and released the ThingMaker, a 300 dollar 3D printer for kids! It’s the next Lego! Take that, skeptics!

Quantum Break, the Xbox exclusive that’s now coming to Windows 10, will be exclusive to the Windows Store, it won’t be launching on Steam. Really, Microsoft? We tried this with the whole games for windows live thing, it’s not… it’s not good.

If you’re thinking of pre-ordering the Division or Hitman, hold your horses, because they’re going to be coming free with Nvidia Geforce and AMD Radeon GPUs, respectively. 

And Blizzard is playing with the idea of developing real-time strategy games for mobile devices. Is this because Activision-Blizzard bought King? I can see it now. Candy Crush Saga: Brood War.