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Industry sources are saying that Google has a bunch of plans for some new hardware. Obviously Google will be launching their 2 new pixel phones this fall, but apparently that’s just the beginning. Reports say that the search giant is working on an all new Pixel brand chromebook. Some are speculating that this could be Google’s mysterious project Bison while others think that this new pixel chromebook will be something separate. Another piece of hardware that Google is rumoured to be working on is a mini version of its Google Home smart speaker. This makes sense since Amazon’s own echo dot mini smart speaker has been gaining some popularity. No other details about this mini google home device but we should be able to safely assume that it will be cheaper than the Google Home, which is currently 129$ usd. Finally Google might be making their own versions of a pair of smart headphones. Details are super scarce but there apparently will be a google assistant button on the left earcup.  


MMMMMMM BIXBY! Its official now, Samsung has announced that Bixby Voice will be available in over 200 countries worldwide as the rollout begins today. Yay! The bixby button on my S8 will finally have a use! Anyway, s8 and s8+ users  today will be able to ask questions, make requests and speak to good ol’ Bixby. The only downside right now is that Bixby can only recognize voice commands in US english and Korean. But Bixby’s natural language understanding will let it continually improve its ability to interpret regional dialects, accents and expressions. All you have to do to activate Bixby is either press the button button or say the activation phrase Hi Bixby. I wonder if you can change the activation phrase to jus mmmmmmm BIXBY! That would be sick. You should see the bixby update rollout to an s8 device near you soon.


It’s time for an extended bem bem bem bem bem bem bem bem lightning round!


Intel released a video to help launch their new 8th gen CPUs. In the video however, a mysterious all black microsoft surface book makes an appearance. Now the video could have been edited just to show a cool looking darker colored laptop, but how sick would an all black surface book be? Just think about it.


The Nintendo switch now has PayPal as an official method of payment around the world and not just in Japan.


Yesterday we heard about final fantasy 15 coming to PC and today, square enix has announced final fantasy 15 pocket edition coming to ios android and windows 10 devices this fall. Not gonna lie, it looks fun.


The people over at Western Digital have just launched a 20TB external storage My Book Duo for $849.99. It comes ready for RAID use and has 2 USB 3 ports. 20TB…… dayummmm


Get your game on with Linksys’ new gaming router the WRT32X for $300.


If you ever wanted to livestream at 4K, Logitech has you covered with their new BRIO 4K webcam launching at $200 US.


Samsung launched at Gamescom the worlds largest QLED super ultra wide monitor with an aspect ratio of 32 by 9 called the CHG90 QLED gaming monitor. Samsung says that the screen is equivalent to 2 bezeless 27inch 16 by 9 monitors side by side and has a max refresh rate of 144Hz. No word on pricing.


And Razer looks to be adding a new key switch to their repertoire as sources say they are developing an optical keyswitch nicknamed razer purple.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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