Mobile 1050TI beats 970M, HTC VR Arcades, Intel buys Voke

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Wow, according to some leaked benchmarks, the upcoming 1050TI mobile GPU is going to be a force to be reckoned with. In 3D mark cloud gate, the mobile gpu beat out its desktop brother by .1%. In Firestrike, the mobile GPU scored 5% higher but in unigine heaven 4, it was the desktop variant that beat is mobile sibling by .8%. This isn’t too much of a surprise because the mobile card does have higher base and boost clocks along with more TMU’s. The real surprise here is when you compare the benchmarks of the 1050ti to the 970m. In the same bench marks, the 1050ti scored 10%, 7%, and 9% better than the 970M.  So if you’re looking to get a gaming laptop with graphics that will give you best bang for buck, you should definitely check out laptops running a 1050TI.

Intel has acquired another startup called Voke. Voke specialises in immersive sports video experiences. None of the details of the deal were disclosed but Voke will apparently be a part of a new division called the Intel Sports Group. Voke uses an array of paired-lens,

stereoscopic, cameras to capture live events and lets the viewer roam around and view the action from their choice of perspective. These VR experiences for live events can even be delivered live, which could mean some interesting things for the future of VR.

Today, HTC announced a new software platform that aims to help with the creation of Virtual Reality arcades called Viveport Arcade. Viveport arcade is designed to help arcade operators find games that are better suited to the experience that the arcade is trying to build. Viveport arcade will have arcade operators pre-buy time that they can then use to let user run VR experiences. When the credits are expended, HTC splits the proceeds evenly with the Vive developer whose software was used.  To inspire the creation of VR arcades, HTC launched a VR theme park in Taipei last week call Viveland. Viveport Arcade is launching first in China and Taiwan. HTC hopes to roll out Viveport to thousands of locations worldwide by the end of 2017.

It’s time for snippy snippets.

Google announced today that Android devs will soon be able to set introductory prices for subscriptions like Sling TV. This would give users the ability to try out a service at a discounted rate before committing to the full price.

The latest details suggest that the Nintendo Switch console will launch March 17, 2017.

DJI is holding their next event this month called Control/Create which promises an exciting special announcement. Could this be a new Inspire 2 drone?

Looks like there’s going to be a new Pokemon GO update where it will rewards its users for daily quests and playing for consecutive days. All this but still no tracking feature…

A teaser trailer just hit for a new map for Tom Clancy’s rainbow 6 siege. The new map takes place in Nagoya, Japan.*sigh* I guess i should reinstall that…. Just kidding… i don’t play rainbow 6 siege.

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the ncix forum post linked in the description.


Cool story… BRO

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