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On Monday, we reported on the iPhone leaks, and it turns out pretty much everything was accurate, except, for the fact that the new phones don’t use USB Type C – but now that we have all the information, here’s the most important bits. While the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and ten do use lightning connectors, they do support fast chtarging via Apple’s USB C charger and adapter cable, which of course are 35 and 50 dollars each. The iPhones’ AR features are pretty impressive – Apple showed off a game demo of Machines, a real time strategy game that looked kinda cool. And the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X aren’t really that different: other than size, the only real change is the removal of the home button, and thus Touch ID, replaced with Face ID. That seems more like a tradeoff than an upgrade, but hey, what do I know. Androids are for nerds, guys, don’t mind me.


Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct Livestream today, making a plethora of announcements, but here are the highlights: Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus and DOOM are heading to Nintendo Switch, giving some hope that the Switch will have much better triple-A game support than the Wii U; Ports of classic arcade games like Super Mario Bros and Ice Climber are coming to the Switch, but no word on the release of the Virtual Console; and the 3DS is getting Minecraft, Mario Party: The Top 100, Kirby Battle Royale, and a special Pokemon themed version of the handheld. Frankly, I’m not super interested unless there’s Super Smash Bros news, and there’s not, so let’s move on.


All the other stories from today were shorter, so time for an extended QUICK BITS!

What the heck is this? A demo system at a Chinese tech event showed its specs as containing a GTX 1070 Ti. It wouldn’t make much sense, given that the 1070 and 1080 are pretty close in performance, but hey – you saw it here first. Actually, I can’t guarantee that claim, I’ll walk it back.

Seems like Apple took advantage of all the hubbub surrounding the new iPhones to bump up the price of the iPad Pro by 50 bucks, apparently due to the increased price of NAND flash. Psh. You could buy an Apple cable for that much!

Philips is readying its 492P8 Super Ultrawide monitor for release next year with a 49 inch, 32 by 9 display. It uses the same panel as Samsung’s CH90, but will have some lower specs to keep the price down.

Bethesda’s Creation Club paid mods service annoyingly advertises itself on the game’s menu page, so a modder created a mod that hides the paid mods. I feel like Bethesda has to catch on at some point that this is a bad idea… but we’ll see.

The Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront is free right now on Origin, Xbox One, and PS4, so go get it, or don’t, the Battlefront 2 will be out soon enough anyways.

Mercedes is going to give a real shot at making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles mainstream with the GLC F-Cell, an electric and hydrogen fuel cell hybrid launching in 2019.

Want to reproduce 3D objects with your phone? Like… everyone.. Lotsa people wanna do that I’m sure? The Sony Xperia XZ1 will be able to 3D scan objects, then link to the Sculpteo 3D printing service and order models right from your phone. Creep 3D models of your face will be the new selfies. Maybe that will kill the selfie epidemic.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


It’s my birthday today 07/09/2017 I turn 22 and first time off to university, any good words of wisdom?

Orville, I’m sorry it’s not your birthday anymore, but here’s some words; Open your mind, take notes with pen and paper instead of your laptop, find the best napping spots on campus early on, and choose your major quickly so you don’t wander around for 7 years and then end up with a Psychology degree, you know what, maybe don’t take advice from me.

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