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Motorola has officially unveiled their next phone, the Moto Z2 Play. The Z2 play is a midrange phone that is both thinner and lighter than the original. It has a 5.5in 1080p Super AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 626 chipset, 3 or 4 GBs of ram and 32 or 64gb of storage depending on the model. And because the phone is thinner and lighter, the big thing here that was sacrificed was the battery. It goes from 3510mah to just 3000mah, which still, isn’t bad for a mid range phone. But the most exciting part is the new list of Moto mods attachments. Motorola showed off a moto gamepad, JBL sound boost 2 speakers, the Moto turbo power pack and some Moto style wireless charging shells. The moto z2 play is due sometime in July for $499 and the Moto mods range from  39.99 to 79.99.


Logitech refreshed two products from their mouse line up and they’re called the MX Master 2S and the MX Anywhere 2S. These new premium wireless mice offer what the old mice do with their darkfield high precision tracking that even allows for use on glass surfaces. In terms of battery life, both the master 2S and the Anywhere 2S, will run up to 70 hours which almost doubles their previous runtimes of 40 hours. Both mice will come in a blue or white colour in addition to the original copper and black.  But that’s not all. Logitech also launched a new software called Flow. Basically, with just one mouse you can control 3 different computers, PC or Mac, at the same time. Flow will allow you to copy and paste text, images, and files between them. All you need to do is install the flow software on 3 computers to get it going. Currently, there are 5 mice from Logitech that support flow.


Monolith, the Washington-based game developer has announced on the WBGames forum that the next Middle Earth game: Shadow of War will be delayed but will still be launching this year in October 2017. The original release date was August 22nd. In the official statement, Monolith says that they’re committed to delivering the highest quality experience and that in order to do this, they made the difficult decision to move the launch date to make that commitment. While this isn’t the first game that we’ve heard about being delayed, it’s still kind of disappointing to hear about delays. Maybe game developers should try just giving a crappy release date, one that seems a bit too long and then BAM! Surprise everyone with a fully completed game 6 months early, with no day one patches or fixes. Monolith also says that they will share more on the game when E3 rolls around in 2 weeks.


It’s time for snipper snippets!


Amazon shoppers could one day be able to see drones drop their packages from the sky and have it parachute down to them. Amazon just received a new patent and it looks like the parachutes would deploy from the shipping labels.


Samsung showed off a new ultra high res VR headset display. The 3.5in screen shown off at the event had a pixel resolution of 2024 by 2200 which give it a pixel density of 858 ppi. Samsung did not mention if the VR headset would be their own standalone unit or if they will sell the screen to other manufacturers.


Microsoft gaming VP Mike Ybarra, tweeted out on Wednesday afternoon what is believed to be the first photo of the chip that will be powering Project Scorpio. The tweet said This is scorpion emoji, bicep emoji, controller emoji, shocked face emoji, 100, hashtag Xbox.


A.U Optronics showcases a practical 5 inch, foldable touch amoled display. The prototype was shown off repeatedly flexing the screen in half.


And Lian Li has a new liquid cooling kit at Computex that has a copper radiator. I’m not sure how that will do after a few years of use… copper tends to discolor slowly over time.


Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.



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