MSI Vortex, Razer Core Pricing, Google wants you to hack!

Remember the MSI Vortex from CES? No? Well here is a refresher. The Vortex is a cylindrical PC that measures 10.5 inches tall and can be packed with high end components. One configuration can have a core i7 6700k, 64gb of ram, dual gtx 980s and a super raid 4 set-up for storage. Why is this relevant? Well because MSI has announced that the Vortex is now available to purchase. Base models will start at roughly $2200. And yes, it is VR ready.

Do you consider yourself a good hacker? Do you also need $100,000 dollars? Try hacking a chromebook remotely and google will pay you! At first the “bug bounty”, as google is calling it, was $50 000. But just recently google doubled the offer since no one had been able to do so. So like if you have some spare time maybe give it a go.

Razer has announced that starting today they are taking preorders for the Razer Core. The Core is an external enclosure for gpus so that you can have desktop gaming performance on your laptop using thunderbolt 3. But of course for the time being the Core is only compatible with the razer blade and blade stealth. Now you can put either select AMD or select NVIDIA cards into the enclosure, but Team red fans will have a more seamless experience with AMD’s new xconnect technology. Razer is working on minimizing hiccups with products from team green. Preorders start at $499 or $399 if you buy a compatible razer notebook.


Its time for snippy snippets!

Logitech has just released a new keyboard from their Orion line up that will be using cherry mx switches instead of their Romer G switches. Its the G610 orion red and G610 orion brown.

After Sony announced the PSVR, sales for the vr capable accessories has risen 1000% on amazon. Damn sony

Unreal Engine is getting  a VR editor and a 3d video tool called sequencer.

Reports are coming in saying that Alphabet/Google is looking to sell Boston Dynamics to eithe Amazon or Toyota.

And Intel’s skull canyon NUC that is compatible with the razer core is now available for order starting at $699.