Too much love to the vanilla Star Craft? Rumor on SC HD Remaster

Star Craft, Blizzard Entertainment’s classic masterpiece, is arguably the 1st real definition of e-Sports entitled game. It is also a phenomena and paragon of RTS gaming. This was the game that dominated Internet Cafes in the late 90’s after its release and buried Red Alert and Command & Conquer into ashes.


What Star Craft also did was to put Korea on the map. In the era where 99% activity about PC gaming were based in NA and Europe, this game dragged the Asian hyper-train out of the water. The legacy of Korea s-Sports stared here.

Hayden from PCWorld has unveiled rumors about SC HD remaster according to several hints. You know what, if this is the true, I will be among the those who rushed onto blizzard store for purchasing. Click here for Heyden’s original post.

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