NCIX Android/Apple App

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Android / Apple

Did you ever want to check out our products but can’t because there isn’t any computer? Well, from now on you don’t need to view our products on a computer when you can view them with our new Mobile App. Our new app is optimized to fit both Android & iOS screens. It is now easier to navigate by touchscreen, loads faster than the website and most of all, it is safe and secure. Browse through products and see our products on weekly sale. Don’t like scrolling to find a product? Well, we have an efficient search engine to find that item. Always losing NCIX gift cards? We have the remedy just for that. Deposit the gift card balance into your account on NCIX. Use it later and never forget again!

NCIX Windows 10 App

Download the App for Windows

Using a Windows computer? As long as you have Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, you can go to the Windows app store and get the app for FREE! You do not lose any functionality. You can see all our promos, go through our catalogs, purchase products and most of all, you get to see other people’s reviews and comments. The UI design is very simplistic allowing you to quickly access every single part.