NCIX Youth Ambassador Award

NCIX Youth Ambassador Award

Introducing NCIX Youth Ambassador Award. The objectives of this award, sponsored by NCIX, are to broaden the philanthropic perspectives of young Canadians to include caring about the underprivileged beyond the borders of Canada, and to groom the next generation of Canadian philanthropists by developing their leadership and providing mentoring and real-world experience in philanthropy.


An applicant must be:

  • a Canadian citizen with a valid passport.
  • a British Columbia resident between 18 and 25 years of age.
  • currently enrolled in full-time study in a post-secondary educational institution.
  • able to demonstrate a passion for helping underprivileged people.
  • a person with leadership qualities.


Award Presentation

A press conference, hosted by Chi Heng Foundation Canada, will be held in the last week of September at which the winner will be announced. The actual award will be presented to the winner at the Chi Heng Foundation Canada National Telethon on November 5, 2017 (filming to take place in mid-October).

The winner will:

  • receive an award certificate
  • gain wide local media exposure via one or more press conferences
  • shadow Mr. Chung To, the founder of Chi Heng Foundation (“CHF”), for a trip to China* to visit AIDS-impacted orphans and gain insight as well as firsthand experience indifferent aspects of CHF’s philanthropic work, with Mr. To as a personal mentor. The trip will take place during the award recipient’s Christmas break and will last one to two weeks, with airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, and meals all paid for. During the trip, the award recipient is to post daily updates on his/her work and experience on NCIX’s social media app and on other social media platforms to be specified by Chi Heng Foundation Canada, to promote the work of CHF to Canadian audiences.
  • act as an Ambassador of Chi Heng Foundation Canada (“CHFC”) at its British Columbia events and press conferences for the coming year, to help promote its goals, and during award-sponsored trips to China, to introduce the work of CHFC to CHF staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and the wider public in China.
  • be offered an opportunity for internship at NCIX or at one of selected other award sponsors.

* The winner must demonstrate to the judging panel within 2 weeks of being notified of winning the award that he/she has the valid travel document, including any necessary visa, to travel to China in December 2017 – January 2018, failing which the judging panel reserves the right to replace the winner with an alternate.

Chi Heng Foundation Canada reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this award event and have the final say on all related matters.

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