You need to turn off Windows Update if you want to keep your windows 7

Microsoft made a nasty move recently by making Windows 10 upgrade almost “mandatory” to Windows 7/8 users. How? because if you click the “x” from Windows 10 upgrade pop up, instead of turning off the notification, you now permit the upgrade of Windows 10.


Personally, I agree that eventually all the Windows 7/8 users should upgrade to Windows 10 once the support on the old OS is stopped. However, when to upgrade is really a choice on the user not Microsoft. As a result, I disagree what Microsoft did even if the intention is right.

This sneaky move is not only a disrespect of user’s own decision, but also a harmful action that already caused serious issues for many:

A famous Japanese anime creator just lost all his work because Windows 10 upgrade started halfway during his drawing.


You can imagine what reactions employees of older age suddenly find their computers changed the interface.


And the worst thing? many raged users decided to completely turn off Windows updates.


So What I suggest is do a complete backup of your data before anything else. Upgrade an operating system can be panic in many ways and you obviously do not want lose any important data. If you are ready, go ahead with the Windows 1o update safely. If you does not want to upgrade yet, google “Never 10” or equivalent software that will help disable windows 10 updates. And last thing you can do (which I do not recommend) is completely turn off Windows Updates.






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