Netflix 1080P content: Only on Microsoft Edge

If you want to enjoy 1080P content on Netflix, there might be a small issue: Only Microsoft Edge browser will be able to do that.


In other words, this means you can only do so with windows 10 installed and by using Microsoft’s browser which is not a favored option for many people.

Mark from PC World reported that Microsoft recently claimed that Edge is the only browser on the market that will support Netflix’s 1080P content. Chrome, FireFox, and Opera only support up to 720P. (link:

Several experts over the web have reviewed Microsoft’s claim and tested on their own. Indeed, the claim is true.

So for now, if you urge to watch Netflix on 1080P, please make sure that Windows 10 is installed on your PC and open the website via Microsoft Edge. For those who have not upgraded to Windows 10, you have the last 2 weeks left to upgrade for free.

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