NEW Analog Keyboard! The Wooting One!

The Wooting One is one of a kind. Instead of regular spring keys, it has infrared lights in place of that.  With IR lights, it can also measure how much pressure users put on it to determine the speed of your player. That’s right, this  keyboard will interpret pressure into walking or running speed in-game like an analog controller for consoles. How it works is when the emitting light reflects off the top of the keycap. Next, the circuit board records the light to determine pressure. Users can adjust how much light goes through the light to set the sensitivity. Although this keyboard uses light, users can customize the Flaretech switches to be either linear or tactile to determine actuation distance. It also includes double tap functions that the user can change to activate certain functions for games.

For many users, they have to adapt to this keyboard because the actuation distance is very different to mechanical keyboards. Many computer game developers still need to add compatibility to fully take advantage of analog movement and double tap functions.

Overall, this keyboard seems to be a very innovative version of the keyboard. This will satisfy many gamers as speed is an important aspect in nearly all games. Starting at $120 USD, this can revolutionize keyboards forever!

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