New Enthoo Elite by Phanteks – CES2017

A prototype at last year’s Computex in Taipei but it is now a finished product. The Enthoo Elite is the pinnacle of all Phanteks’ cases as it integrates the best from its many lineups into this one. Well, it better be the pinnacle because it holds a whopping cost of $899.

The size of this case is huge. It has some slender curvatures plus being lifted makes it carpet-friendly. This case is not cut short of premium as it has thick sand-blasted aluminum panels that come either satin black or matte gray. The exterior being sand-blasted aluminum means there will barely be any noticeable fingerprint stains.

On the right panel, there is one large rectangular cutout for a radiator and a small square cutout for a fan. I am not much of a fan when it comes to side panel fans but I’m glad it has a filter. On the opposite side of the case, a tempered glass side panel greets us as it can swivel open. That is a great addition!ces2017-front-io-ports-enthoo-elite-by-phanteksAt the very front, we have a whole bunch of IO ports when we open that flip out panel. There are four USB 3.0, one HDMI and one USB Type-C. There is also a set of audio ports, two reset buttons and a dial for the RGB.

The sheer size of this case makes it seem like a challenge to build inside it. However, this case is actually designed to be an easy case to work in. If you build is aesthetic on the outside, it must be the same on the inside. Messy wiring always degrades the aesthetics but this case has many things to negate that. Internally on the motherboard wall, it has a sliding multifunctional area to cover up those messy wires. At the bottom, there is a small reserved space where users can add another radiator or watercooling components. Why is that? Well, the Enthoo Elite can actually fit two systems in there. One ATX and one mITX motherboard.


So far, the Enthoo Elite seems to be extremely promising. In the near future, we will be have a complete review out. Stay tuned for more CES2017 coverage.

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