New Macbook Pro incoming this October?

Macbook Pro used to be the key product for Apple and the fundamental flagship to challenge Windows laptops. However, in recent years people’s attention  has been moved to more portable products like iPad, Macbook Air, and of course iPhone. Macbook Pro suffered major decline in sales. At one point, Apple thought about cutting MBP production and replace it with higher sepc’ed Macbook Air.



I am not those crazy Apple fans, but I owned several Apple products myself. Out of everything I had from Apple, I loved the Macbook Pro. Luckily, what rumored did not come true. Indeed, we could expect a new MBP this October with new features and latest technology.

So what can we expect to see in the almost confirmed new Macbook Pro?

  • AMD Polaris GPU (mobile version of RX 4xx series)
  • Touch ID
  • USB-C
  • Pressure sensitive trackpad
  • More color options

According to Bloomberg report, Apple’s September event is mainly for iPhone 7 and possibly Apple Watch 2. As a result, most reporters believe that October event will be for the new Macbook Pro.

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