New Nintendo 2DS XL, Possible Xbox ‘Netflix’ for story games

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HA! Surprise, a new Nintendo DS handheld! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Yep, all of a sudden Nintendo announced the 2DS XL today, with a release scheduled for July 28th and a price of 150 bucks US. It plays all the games the latest 3D XL does, but …without, 3D, obviously, and has essentially all the same features. Now you might say, Nintendo, I thought the Switch was supposed to kill the 3DS, what’s your problem? Which is no way to talk to Nintendo, by the way, they deserve your respect. As Ars Technica points out, the arrival of a new handheld system pretty much tends to slowly decrease sales of the old one. But the thing is, the 2DS XL is exactly half the price of the Switch, which goes for 300 bucks US. So, maybe the DS line could conceivably live on as a more kid-friendly handheld option? That way you won’t have your little ones accidentally trashing your Switch. And there’s also this to consider – there’s a Dragon Quest special edition with a little metallic slime face on it, for some reason, too, so… That’s a bit of a curveball, you gotta factor that in.


Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is trying to find a way for narrative-driven games to find their place in gaming again, and the answer may be a Netflix for games with story. Big budget multiplayer-focused games are on the rise, and while some games like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn are well received, other story-driven games have to fight uphill to even get enough sales to break even on their massive budgets. Spencer thinks the solution might be a subscription service akin to Netflix, giving users access to a large library of story-driven games for something like 10 bucks a month, because a new business model like that could help support their monetization. Now, personally, I’m a huge fan of story-driven games – I usually like consuming games the same way I do movies and TV shows – I finish it, and move on to the next one. Overwatch, however, has screwed that whole thing up. Would you guys be interested in a Netflix-type service for story games only? Leave a comment in the thingy down on the page thing.


Once again, only 2 main stories, and a slightly longer QUICK BITS.


Wireless charging for phones still isn’t even that good, but BMW is going to add it to their 530e iPerformance hybrid electric car. Because it’s just too much to remember to plug it in. You went through all the trouble of buying a new electric car, but ya can’t… Anyways.

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S8, you may have thought your home button was moving around a little bit, and that’s because – it is. Since the home button is part of the screen, the feature is intended to prevent screen burn in. So no. You’re not seeing things. You won’t be committed THIS TIME.

Good ol’ crazy man John McAfee has unveiled the McAfee Privacy phone, which is, according to him, completely hack-proof and costs 1100 dollars. But should you really trust this guy with your security? Just something to ask yourself.

ARM designed an image signal processor, and that’s a big deal, according to the Verge, because it basically means that all imaging technology that uses ARM, from mobile phones to self-driving cars, is going to improve, so. Yeah. sounds like a big deal.

Facebook is finally getting their act together and will give video creators the ad revenue generated by their videos when they’re stolen and reposted by someone else. #Stopfreebooting, #reallifehashtag.

NASA and researchers in Arizona are developing an inflatable greenhouse, so now we can grow plants in space and on Mars, so Matt Damon won’t have to grow potatoes from his own excrement, and that’s always good news.

And Apple’s self-driving car technology was finally spotted in the wild, retrofitted to a Lexus RX450h SUV, and I gotta say, it doesn’t look very Apple like. No sandblasted aluminum, no guys with British accents talking about how revolutionary it is. Man. They’re just not the same without Steve Jobs, you know?

Sources for all of today’s news stories can be found in the NCIX Forum post linked in the description.


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