My New Speakers – FENIKS ESSENCE

The Feniks Essence comes in a variety of colors. They are metal with a matte black finish and glossy sides. They are pretty compact and have 4.5in Glaxsil drivers. This set has a pretty modern body language while being desktop and small space friendly. It has a small opening at the stand top the speakers to improve the bass sound.

All the audio processing happens within the speakers themselves in order to get the best sounds ever. All the input ports are on the right speakers and it connects to the computer with a USB wire. This will not cause any problems with headphones as you can plug it directly into the speakers. The volume wheel has an equal amount of resistance so that you can get precise audio volume. Inside the Essence, it uses diverse usage scenarios as analog and digital at the same time. This means that analog signals will not convert to digital. One slight problem is that there is no mute button or remote control.

When using the speakers, it is best to have it face you. One plus is that you do not need to elevate the speakers as the sounds are already elevated through the drivers.  They both have fantastic clarity. Increasing volume do not have any frequency distortions at all and bass is not overbearing.

Overall, these are wonderful as Dimitry did not find any flaws at all.


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